Training on The Utilization of Paper and Plastic Waste Into Recycled Paper and Knitting Bag

Training on The Utilization of Paper and Plastic Waste Into Recycled Paper and Knitting Bag

Ir.  Ellys Yuliarti, M.S. ; Dr. M. Mustopa Romdhon, S.P., M.Si. ; dan Ir. Nyayu Neti Arianti, M.Si.

Community Service Activities (PPM) include counseling and training on the use of paper waste and plastic bags (kresek) among PKK members in the New Location Village, Air Periukan District, Seluma Regency on October 21, 2021.

This PPM activity was carried out by staff lecturer of Agribusiness Study Program, Agricultural Socio-Economic Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Bengkulu University, namely Ir. Ellys Yuliarti, M.S. ; Dr. M. Mustopa Romdhon, S.P., M.Sc. ; and Ir. Nyayu Neti Arianti, M.Si. This activity also involved two undergraduate students of the Agribusiness Study Program, namely Endang Deswati and M. Fahmi Ramadhan, and Zairi, S.P. (student of Agribusiness Masters Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Bengkulu University).

The target of this activity is a group of PKK women in Location Baru Village, Air Periukan Subdistrict, Seluma Regency who have productive activities, namely utilizing waste newspaper paper into various handicraft items such as baskets and flower vases and other items. This group also has the skills to knit yarn into bags and various other knitted items. Efforts to increase the variety of models of processed waste paper goods and the combination of knitted yarn with plastic waste need to be introduced. The activity went well by implementing health protocols due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The method of implementing the activities is counseling and direct practice (learning by doing). Recycled paper-making activities go through the stages of pulp making, coloring, printing and drying.

The process of knitting plastic waste begins with first cutting a plastic bag with a size of 1 cm wide into a rope or thread which is then connected together to make it long and ready to be knitted. Then the plastic yarn is juxtaposed with the knitting yarn and the knitting process is continued into a bag.

Creative Knitting Bags Combination of Plastic Yarn with Knitting Yarn

This activity was enthusiastically and positively welcomed by the PKK in Location Baru Village. Hopefully this activity will provide many benefits. The use of plastic waste, if used, will certainly save the environment.


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