Focus Group Discussion (Fgd) In Identifying Potential Areas Of Lokasi Baru Village, Air Periukan District, Seluma Regency

Focus Group Discussion (Fgd) In Identifying Potential Areas Of Lokasi Baru Village, Air Periukan District, Seluma Regency

SELUMA – Lokasi Baru Village, Air Periukan Subdistrict, Seluma Regency, is developing regional potential through the design of the Tourism Village program by utilizing Village-Owned Enterprises (BuMdes). The establishment of a tourist village aims to improve the position and role of the community as an important subject or actor in tourism development and can synergize and partner with stakeholders in developing tourism activities to improve the community’s economy. The existence of superior products in an area is one of the strong attractions for potential tourists. So that the determination of superior products in the area to be developed into a tourist village is important. The determination of regional superior products also intends to focus on government guidance and development activities in increasing competitiveness. Initial identification in the form of a list of all products produced by the region is the first step, then further identification is carried out to find the conclusion in the form of superior products.


Bengkulu University Faculty of Agriculture (FP-UNIB) represented by Dr. M. Zulkarnain Yuliarso, S.P., M.Si; Nola Windirah, S.P., M.Sc.; Lathifah Khairani, S.P., M.Sc. (Agribusiness Study Program) comes with the Community Service (PPM) program in facilitating New Location villages to identify village potential. Sunday, 23 October 2022, a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) activity with the village community was held by applying the Tujuh Bentang method. The activity was attended by 10 people who were representatives of village officials, community leaders, and heads of institutions. The selection of these stakeholders is due to the need for valid information in the identification process that can be obtained from trusted informants (a high understanding of the village area).



Identification results show that the Lokasi Baru village, Air Periukan District, Seluma Regency has 6 potential landscapes, namely Natural, Social, Economic, Technological, Human, and Environmental. These results can be used by village policymakers in determining the strategies that will be applied in realizing the Tourism Village program.


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