Knowledge To Make Jerky From Cassava Leaves In Selumas Village, Air Periuan Regency, Seluma Regency

Knowledge To Make Jerky From Cassava Leaves In Selumas Village, Air Periuan Regency, Seluma Regency

Reswita 1 Redy Badrudin2

Satria Putra Utama3

1,2,3 Dosen Jurusan Sosial Ekonomi Pertanian, Program studi Agribisnis Universitas Bengkulu

BengkuluLecturers and students of the Agribusiness Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Bengkulu University, Share Knowledge. One group is doing a service on how to make Jerky from Cassava Leaves in Sebaris Village, Air Periukan Subdistrict, Seluma Regency with participants as recipients of the message are women who are included in the membership of Women’s Empowerment and Welfare (PKK).

From the national level to the village level, PKK has 10 main programs as stipulated in the regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1 of 2013. (Pakudek, M, et al. 2018), through 10 main programs, the PKK Institution plays a role in increasing women’s capacity.

One of the PKK programs that is closely related to the agribusiness/agricultural sector is the food program. The food program is expected to reduce the incidence of stunting. Stunting can be detected from an imperfect condition or failure to thrive in infants under five years old (children under five) as a result of insufficient or chronic malnutrition so that the child is physically too short for his age. Malnutrition occurs since the baby is in the womb in the early days after the baby is born, however, stunting only appears after the baby is two years old.

This activity introduced knowledge about the nutrition of cassava leaves and processed cassava leaves. One of the ingredients is cassava leaf jerky which in its manufacture is composed of other ingredients, namely eggs. Cassava leaves and eggs are very rich in nutritional content, coupled with the seasoning which also contains many nutrients and vitamins.

The nutritional content of the main ingredients of cassava leaves and eggs contains abundant nutrients. The nutritional content of cassava leaves based on the results of organoleptic tests of cassava leaf jerky, showed that samples of cassava leaf jerky were favored by analysis of vitamin C content in cassava leaf jerky containing 410 mg, in 100 grams of sample (Syima, et al., 2022). While the nutrition of eggs is unquestionable, they contain. Two 100 grams of purebred chicken eggs contain the following nutrients: Energy (calories): 154 kcal, .Protein: 12.4 grams., Fat: 10.8 grams., Carbohydrates: 0.7 grams. Calcium: 86 milligrams., Phosphorus: 258 milligrams. Iron: 3 milligrams. Potassium: 118.5 milligrams. 311022_15.

In addition, the additional ingredients of tapioca, flour and other spices, further enrich the nutritional content of this cassava leaf jerky. ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS Tapioca This flour is a low protein flour with the main content of carbohydrates, the nutritional content of tapioca flour per 100 grams is 362 cal, 0.59% protein, 3.39% fat, 12.9% water and 6.99% carbohydrates. This flour also has several vitamins and minerals. 311022_15. Flour Calories (cal) 365 Protein (g) 8.9 Fat (g) 1.3 Carbohydrates (g) 77.3 Water (g) 12.0 P (mg) 106 Calcium (mg) 16 Fe (mg) 1, 2 Bdd 100 (Directorate of Nutrition Ministry of Health RI, 1996)  311022_15. Then again added various spices consisting of coriander, pepper and salt to taste. Thus, cassava beef jerky is very good food for people who are malnourished, both adults and infants under five years old (children under five) due to insufficient or malnourished.

Ingredients: 1 kg of flour, 1 kg of cassava leaves, 10 eggs, 1/2 tapioca, and some spices, such as coriander, pepper, salt to taste. How to make 1. Boil the cassava leaves until soft, 2. Blend the cassava leaves, 3. Mix all the ingredients with the cassava leaves that have been blended, 4. Steam for 30 minutes, 5. Cool and cut the existing dough, and 6. Thin with a noodle machine 6. Fry.

Submission is done using ppt and language that can be reached by participants. This service activity was initiated and carried out by the Agricultural Socio-Economic Department Team (Sosek), Agribusiness Study Program consisting of lecturers and students. As Resource Person : Reswita, SP. MM, Ir. Redy Badrudin, MM. Dipl.SI, Dr.Ir. Satria PU, MSc.. The activity was held on Saturday, October 23, 2022 at the Talang Sebaris Village Hall, Subdistrict. This activity also involved three students as co-trainers, namely: Lusiani Afriani, M. Fredy Dela Fomi, and Lingga Agustina.

The women as the audience were very enthusiastic, seeing 18 of the 21 invited participants or as many as 85.71%. Participants who attended followed carefully but relaxed starting from smoothing the cassava leaves and mixing them with the beaten eggs until they came together. After the main raw materials and accompanying ingredients are mixed well, then the ingredients are steamed, then blended, sliced ​​and ground with a noodle maker mill, drained in newspapers and then fried into crispy jerky (cryption). On the other hand, according to the chairman of the PKK, who did not attend as a result of one activity and another person attended another event and the participant did not attend his absence, he gave permission for his absence.

After the activity, a posttest was carried out. The level of understanding statement was submitted to the posttest with the same index as that proposed in the pretest, namely very understanding = 5, understanding = 4, quite understanding = 3, not understanding = 2, and not understanding = 1. Participants stated their understanding of knowledge about financial recording material in a simple way with the statement “Understood”, with an index of 90.00% (posttest), compared to before the index was 36.67% (pretest) or an increase in index of 53.33. %. This activity is classified as “successful” if it is first with the targets that have been set beforehand. The criteria used (< 64.00 are categorized as very less successful, 64.00 to 74.67 are categorized as less successful, 74.67 to 85.34 are categorized as moderately successful, 85.34 to 96.01 are categorized as successful; above 96.01 are categorized as very successful.

Sumber : 311022_15 311022_15.  311022_15.

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Peraturan Menteri Dalam Negeri Republik Indonesia Nomor 1 Tahun 2013

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