No. Title of Thesis
1 Factors of Production and Income of Patchouli Farming in Roba Julu Village, Lembah Melintang District, West Pasaman Regency
2 Factors Related to Farmer’s Wives Intention to Downstream Tomato Commodities in Kali Padang Village, Selupu Rejang District, Rejang Lebong Regency
3 Analysis of the Price Volatility of Onion, Garlic and Big Red Chili at the Producer Level in Indonesia
4 The household income pattern of Damar Tappers in Pahmungan Village, Pesisir Tengah District, Pesisir Barat Regency, Lampung Province
5 Perception and Adaptation of Freshwater Fishery Farmers to the Impact of Climate Change in Tambak Rejo Village, Padang Jaya District
6 Risk Management of Red Chili (Capsicum Annuum L.) Farming in Kepahiang District
7 Production and Income of Sweet Corn (Zea May Saccharata Sturt) Farming in Lubuk Pinang District, Mukomuko Regency
8 Analysis of the Coffee Agribusiness System in Karang Caya Village, West Pendopo District, Empat Lawang Regency
9 Analysis of Profit Planning and Added Value of Powdered Coffee Processing (Case Study: Baja Coffee Business in Bandung Jaya Village, Kabawetan District, Kepahiang Regency)
10 Determination of the Minimum Price for Farmers and the Highest Retail Price for Traders on Red Chili (Capsicum Annuum L) Commodities in Kepahiang Regency
11 Factors Affecting Credit Realization in the Agribusiness Sector at Bank Bengkulu
12 Community Participation in the Utilization of Village Funds Based on Differences in Village Status in Taba Penanjung District, Central Bengkulu Regency
13 Factors Related to Work Productivity of Female Tea Pickers (Case Study of PT. Trisula Ulung Mega Surya Kabawetan District, Kepahiang Regency)
14 Income and Risk Analysis in Tofu Making Business Using FMEA (Failure Made And Effect Analysis) Method in Sukaraja District, Seluma Regency
15 Income Analysis of Tilapia Traders in Bengkulu City
16 Level of Commercialization of Paddy Rice Farming Business and Influencing Factors in Pasar Melintang Village, Lubuk Pakam District, Deli Serdang Regency
17 Factors Related to the Number of Rubber Taps by Rubber Tapping Employees at PTPN VII Padang Pelawi Unit
18 Analysis of Marketing Strategy for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Bengkulu City
19 Performance Analysis of Ant Sugar Processing Business and Shell Sugar Business in Air Meles Atas Village, Rejang Lebong Regency
20 Analysis of Production Factors and Allocative Efficiency of Ginger Farming in Merigi sub-district, Kepahiang district
21 Determining Factors in the Decision to Purchase Coffee Products at Lain Hati Cafe in the Covid-19 Pandemic Conditions
22 Comparison of Financial Performance Ratios and Stock Prices of Factory Companies Engaged in the Agricultural Sector
23 Small Business Analysis of “Cap Jempol” Powdered Coffee in Central Curup District, Rejang Lebong Regency
24 Analysis of Factors Affecting Rice Farmer Household Food Security in the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Situation (Study of the Head of the Panorama Village, Sigaran Pati District, Bengkulu City)
25 Inventory Management of Pulp Raw Materials (PULP) Pt. Toba Pulp Lestari, TBK Sosor Ladang Village, Toba Samosir Regency, North Sumatra Province
26 Farmers’ Communication Behavior in Increasing Knowledge About Planting Calendars (Katan) in Sigaran Pati District, Bengkulu City
27 Analysis of Banana Chips in the “Melte Vanana” Home Business in Labuhan Ratu District, Lampung Province
28 Orange Gerga Agribusiness Development Strategy in Rejang Lebong Regency, Bengkulu Province
29 Financial Feasibility of Robusta Coffee Processing Business (Case Study on Adinda G19 Coffee Processing Industry in Lubuk Linggau City)
30 Supply Chain Efficiency Analysis of Curly Red Chili (Capsicum Annuum L) in Kepahian Regency
31 Market Risk Analysis of Curly Red Chili (Capsicium Annuum L) Supply Chain in Kepahian District
32 Perceptions and Adaptation Strategies for Fishermen’s Business on Enggano Island, North Bengkulu Regency in Facing Climate Change
33 Customer Satisfaction Level of KUR Borrower Farmers Against Services at PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia Pondok Kelapa Unit
34 Relationship Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) With the Purchase Decision of Promise Jiwa Coffee Bengkulu City
35 Analysis of Production Function and Allocative Efficiency of Blood Clam Pond (Anadara Granosa) in Panipahan Village, Rokan Hilir Regency, Riau Province
36 Analysis of added value and business in the home industry of “Dessy” taro chips, Padang Panjang City, West Sumatra Province
37 Perception of Farmer Group Performance in Talang Benih Village, Curup District, Rejang Lebong Regency
38 Supply Chain Analysis of Candlenut (Aleurites Mollucana) in Kutambaru District, Langkat Regency, West Sumatra Province
39 Analysis of Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors towards Curly Red Chili (Case Study of Darin Chili Trading Business Panoramic Market Singaran Pati District, Bengkulu City)
40 Feasibility Analysis of Melon Farming in Bengkulu City
41 Perceptions of “Serai Wangi II” Women Farmers Group Members on the Sustainability of the Sustainable Food House Area Program (KRPL) in Padang Serai Village, Kampung Melayu District, Bengkulu City
42 Farmers’ Perceptions of the Performance of the Lake Dendam Gapoktan in Dusun Besar Village, Singaran Pati District, Bengkulu City
43 Business Analysis of “Samba Lokan Oswari Food” in Mukomuko Regency Using the Balanced Scorecard
44 Sustainability Strategy of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDES) Luhur Agrees in Sido Luhur Village, Padang Jaya District, North Bengkulu Regency
45 Tilapia Supply Chain Analysis (Case Study of Tilapia Cultivation Business in Seginim District, South Bengkulu Regency)
46 Design of Fresh Fruit Inventory Control System at “Tigan Buah” Store Bengkulu City
47 Efficiency and Effectiveness Analysis of Dried Fish Marketing in Sumber Jaya Village, Bengkulu City
48 The Effect of Characteristics, Social Capital and Work Motivation of Farmers on Paddy Rice Farming Productivity (Case Study on Rice Farmer Groups in Talang Benih Village, Curup District, Rejang Lebong District)
49 Feasibility and Financial Risk Analysis of Rice Milling Business (Case Study: Rice Milling Business in Arah Tiga Village, Lubuk Pinang District, Mukomuko Regency)
50 Analysis of Production Costs, Value Added, and Marketing Channels of Kalamansi Syrup Industry (Case Study: Baptist Agricultural Institutional Industrial Households and Asri Fresh Industrial Houses Bengkulu)
51 Analysis of Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors towards the Purchase of “Noerlen” Passion Fruit Syrup in Medan City, North Sumatra