Strategy for Increasing Lecturer Professionalism by Writing Textbooks

Strategy for Increasing Lecturer Professionalism by Writing Textbooks

Prof. Dr Andi Irawan, on Tuesday, January 17 2023, became a speaker at the “Strategy for Increasing Lecturer Professionalism by Writing Textbooks”, a seminar held by the Department of Production Technology and Industry, Sumatra Institute of Technology (ITERA).
At the event, Prof Andi Irawan presented several strategies for writing textbooks: First, 1) Write a book about one method, a comprehensive tool for certain interests (business, government etc.) step by step. For example, this year, the author published a book up to Chapter III, fulfilling the minimum requirements from DIKTI (40 pages) for a minimum number of textbook pages. Next year, the author will revise the new edition of their book by adding more chapters. Several new chapters are added to the revised book, or an author writes a new book as a continuation of their previous book.

Utilizing the results of practicum, field study, and student internships as topics and ingredients of the books. This method has double benefits because not only write a new book, but also the lecturer is more seriously involved in guiding student practicums, field lectures, and internships because they are interested in the data as the output of these activities. Since the beginning, the lecturer has made a grand design of how practicums, field lectures or internships are carried out.

Writing short articles of 4-5 pages spaced 1.5 about issues currently developing in public related to the lecturer’s field of expertise. If every week, a lecturer can be disciplined in responding to public issues related to their field of interest in one popular scientific writing, about 4-5 A4 pages, 1.5 spacing and font 12, then grouping them based on major themes. Those big themes then become the chapters in their book. In this way, the lecturer can publish one book every year.

  1. Use sentences as if the writer takes a conversation with readers.
  2. Read a lot of other writings to understand the style, taste, and way of conveying ideas in written form.
  3. Learn to write about specific topics using your language style (avoid copying and pasting from other references).
  4. Learn to write about specific topics from different points of view.
  5. After being able to write with a length of 5000 characters (about 4-5 pages of A4 with 1.5 spaces), the writer must have the courage to send their articles to the media.
  6. Keep writing and improving your writing skills day by day.

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