GOLD MEDAL at the Indonesian International Invention Expo (IIIEX) from Yosima Veronika and Dhiah Hasyifah Putri!

GOLD MEDAL at the Indonesian International Invention Expo (IIIEX) from Yosima Veronika and Dhiah Hasyifah Putri!

The Indonesian International Invention Expo (IIIEX) is an event that fosters innovation to promote the creativity of students, develop scientific research skills, and facilitate the exchange of innovations and new ideas among international students. In the year 2023, IIIEX was attended by 241 teams from 10 countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Iran, Mexico, the United States, Romania, Vietnam, and South Korea, with the theme “Electronics and IoT Science (University).” The event took place from August 25th to 28th, 2023.

Through this prestigious event, Dhiah Hasyifah Putri and Yosima Veronika, who are from the Agroecotechnology Program at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu, along with other team members Jeri Harlianggara and Shalman Maulana from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Irene Rosalina Amalia from KIP, achieved a gold medal for their work titled “SMARGER: Smart Garbage Automatic Garbage Bin Based on Arduino Uno Creates a Clean and Healthy Environment.” Venti Novita Sari, SP., a postgraduate student in Agroecotechnology, also contributed as a supervisor in this activity.

“For us, taking home the gold medal from the IYSA Competition was an incredible experience. It appears that our perseverance, commitment, and teamwork have finally yielded impressive results. We experienced a mixture of joy, pride, and thankfulness when the University of Bengkulu was named the winner. It felt as though all the time and effort we put into the competition had been magnificently rewarded. The team said, “Seeing that gold medal reminds us of the difficult trip we’ve been on and all the love and inspiration from our family, friends, and mentors who played a significant role in this triumph.

Dhiah and her friends also convey that every dream can be realized through hard work and strong determination. This medal is the result of teamwork, an unwavering spirit, and a willingness to continue learning and growing. They believe that every individual has incredible potential that can be actualized through dedication and strong resolve. Don’t be afraid to take risks, face challenges head-on, and keep striving to become the best version of yourself. And remember, true achievement also involves inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Thank you Yosima and Dhiah! This is an outstanding achievement. May this success bring great prosperity and even brighter achievements in the future. Keep working hard and innovating!