Dr. Ir. Rustikawati, M.Si.

Dr. Ir. Rustikawati, M.Si.

Assoc. Professor

Plant Breeding


SHe was born on 08th May 1965 in Bojonegoro, East of Java. Her Scopus ID is 56527107600 with h-index of 4




Jl. UNIB Permai IV No. 19

Bentiring Permai, Muara Bangkahulu, Bengkulu, Indonesia, 38121






RESEARCH interest

Plant Breeding for Biotic and Abiotic Stress



IPB University, Indonesia

1995 – 2000

Doctoral Degree in Agricultural Science (Plant Breeding)


IPB University, Indonesia


Master degree in Ecology

IPB University, Indonesia

1983 – 1987

Bachelor degree in Agronomy

position/job experience

University of Bengkulu


1990 – present

Teaching, research and community development


Doctoral Program for Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture

Vice Coordinator (2019-2020)

Internal Quality Insurance System

Head of Internal Quality System center of UNIB








Undergraduate Program

1.       Genetics

2.       Plant Breeding

3.       Plant Biotechnology

4.       Biology

5.       Fundamentals of Agronomy

6.       Introduction to Agricultural Science


Graduate Program

1.       Biotechnology for Plant Breeding




1.       Selection of ISSR primers for salinity tolerance in cayenne pepper using bulk segregant analysis method (2022, leader)

2.       Selection and Testing of Elders in Breeding Coastal Adaptive Cayenne Pepper (2021, leader)

3.       Evaluation of Types of Manure to Increase Productivity of New Hybrids in the Framework of Developing Corn Cultivation Technology in Coastal Lands (2020, leader)

4.       Increased productivity of new maize hybrids on coastal land through the application of organic fertilizers and biofertilizers (2019, leader)

5.       Selection of new hybrids for tolerance to salinity in order to maximize maize productivity in coastal areas (2018, leader)

6.       Pyramiding of acidic soil adaptiveness and CMV tolerance traits on superior and high yielding hot pepper genotypes (2016-2018, member)

7.       Development of Superior Corn Hybrids Adaptive to Acid Soil: Preliminary and Multi-Site Field Test Test  (2015-2017, leader)

8.       Purification and improvement of local Bengkulu rice germplasm properties for adaptivity to coastal areas (2013-2014, leader)

9.       Mutation induction using gamma ray irradiation for the development of superior and unique clones of Spathoglottis plicata Blume orchid from Bengkulu (2012, leader)

10.    Selection of gamma ray irradiation mutants for the assembly of superior cultivars of sour corn (2009-2011, leader)


  1. The creation of fresh chili sauce and chili vouchers to add value to the chili harvest in Cawang Baru Village, Rejang Lebong Regency (2022, member)
  2. The creation of fresh chili sauce and chili vouchers for added value of chili harvest in Sambirejo Village, Rejang Lebong Regency (2022, leader)
  3. Efforts to provide sources of family nutrition on limited garden through the ‘vegetamina’ technique at KWT Rezeki Bersama, Padang Betuah Village, Pondok Kelapa District (2021, leader)
  4. Improving the skills of the Joint Sustainability Women Farmer Group through verticulture and red ginger agroindustry (2021, member)
  5. Application of Appropriate Technological Package “Production of Red Chili in Acidic Land” to increase Knowledge and Skills of Farmer Groups (2020, member)
  6. Utilization of agricultural waste for the manufacture of MOL and biological pesticides in Sambirejo Village, Selupu Rejang District (2020, member)
  7. Alternative solutions to the problem of low chili prices due to abundant harvest (2019, member)
  8. Vegetable production in water-saving stacking pots and family medicinal plants, as well as reforestation in the context of revitalizing yard functions in Pekik Nyaring Village, Pondok Kelapa District (2019,member)
  9. Project of IBM Farmers Group of Air Meles Atas Village, Selupu Rejang District to improve the production process and quality of palm sugar products (2016, leader)
  10. Environmentally friendly of Palm Sugar Management in Air Meles Village, Selupu Rejang District, Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu (2015,member)


Journals and Proceedings

1.       Reliability of seedling stage selection for aluminium stress tolerance in hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L).  International Journal of Agricultural Technology  18(2):549-566  (2022, 2ed author)  11_IJAT_18(2)_2022_Herison, C.(40).pdf (ijat-aatsea.com)

2.       Evaluation on salinity tolerance of new maize hybrids at early growth and their performance in coastal field.  International Journal of Agricultural Technology 2022Vol. 18(2):779-794  (2022, 1st author)  28_IJAT_18(2)_2022_Rustikawati(35).pdf (ijat-aatsea.com)

3.       Evaluasi Paket Teknologi Budidaya Hibrida Cabai Merah untuk Hasil Tinggi di Ultisol. J. Hort. Indonesia, April 2021, 12 (1): 21-30.   (2021, 4th author) https://journal.ipb.ac.id/index.php/jhi/article/view/35114

4.       Effect of BAP (6-Benzyl Aminopurine) on In Vitro Shoot Growth of Curcumas. Agritropica 4(1): 82-92  (2021, 1st author) https://ejournal.unib.ac.id/index.php/jagritropica/article/view/11170

5.       Growth Performance and AMMI Yield Stability Analysis of Five New Maize Hybrid Populations.  International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering, Information Technology (IJASEIT) 10 (1): 344-350  (2020, 1st author) http://ijaseit.insightsociety.org/3862

6.       Tolerance of 20 heirloom rice varieties at seedling stage to salinity stressed and their growth in lowland coastal area.  Akta Agrosia 23(2): 47-54  (2020, 1st author)  https://ejournal.unib.ac.id/index.php/Agrosia/article/view/11863

7.       Analisis cluster dan seleksi primer SSR (Simple Sequence Repeats) untuk sifat toleran aluminium pada cabai (Cluster analysis and SSR (simple sequence repeats) primers selection for aluminium tolerance on hot pepper).  Jurnal Hortikultura Indonesia. 11(1):61-71. (2020, 2nd author)  Indonesian.  https://journal.ipb.ac.id/index.php/jhi/article/view/32063

8.       Population Characteristic and Genetic Relationship on 25 Bengkulu Heirloom Rice Based on Morphological Traits.  Akta Agrosia 22(2):77-83.  (2019, 1st author) https://ejournal.unib.ac.id/index.php/Agrosia/article/view/9709

9.       Genetic Diversity Analysis in 27 Tomato Accessions Using Morphological and Molecular Markers Agrivita  40(1): 36-44  (2018, 5th author)  https://agrivita.ub.ac.id/index.php/agrivita/article/view/726

10.    Morphological Characterization of 10 Hot Pepper Genotipes in Low Altitude Location.  Akta Agrosia 21(2): 47-52  (2018), 3th author)  https://ejournal.unib.ac.id/index.php/Agrosia/article/view/6460

11.    Combining ability of six s7 generation of corn hybrid parents from half dialel crossesof Maize in a Half Diallel Crosses. Akta Agrosia 21(1):6-10.  (2018, 1st author) https://ejournal.unib.ac.id/index.php/Agrosia/article/view/4612

12.    Wet Season Trials on Growth and Yield of Six Newly Developed Chili Pepper Hybrids at Three Different Locations.  International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering, Information Technology (IJASEIT) 7 (5):1913-1919  (2017, 4th author)  http://ijaseit.insightsociety.org/2515

13.    Daya Gabung dan Heterobeltiois Karakter Pertumbuhan dan Hasil beberapa Galur Backcross Cabai Merah Toleran CMV pada Kondisi Terinokulasi (Combining Ability and Heterobeltiosis of Vegetative and Yield Characteristics of Several Backcross Lines of Chili Pepper Selected for CMV Tolerance in a CMV Inoculated Condition)  Jurnal Agronomi Indonesia (JAI) 45(3):292-298 (2017, 2nd author)  (Indonesian) https://journal.ipb.ac.id/index.php/jurnalagronomi/article/view/11890

14.    Evaluation Of Growth And Yield Performance On Inoculated Chili Pepper Hybrids By Cucumber Mosaic Virus.  Agrivita 36 (1): 14-18.  (2014, 4th author)   https://agrivita.ub.ac.id/index.php/agrivita/article/view/336

15.    The effects of gamma irradiation on growth response of of rodent tuber (Typhonium flagelliforme Lood.) mutant in in vitro culture.  (2013, 3th author)

16.    DNA Marker-Assisted and Morphological Selection on BC3 Genotypes Shortcut the Introgression  of CMV Tolerance Genes on Hot Pepper.  Agrivita. 34(3):215-224.  (2012, 4th author)  https://agrivita.ub.ac.id/index.php/agrivita/article/view/103

17.    Identification of M4 Gamma Irradiated Maize Mutant Based on RAPD Markers Agrivita 34(2):161-165. (2012, 1st author)  https://agrivita.ub.ac.id/index.php/agrivita/article/view/102

18.    Embrionic calli induction, proliferation and regeneration of rodent tuber plant (Typhonium flagelliforme Lodd.) by single node culture.  Proceeding International conference on biological science. (2011, 2nd author)   Faculty of Biology.  Universitas Gajah Mada 80-88.

19.    Genetic nature of resistance against Cucumber Mosaic Virus in hot pepper.  Capsicum and Eggplant Newsletter 23:111-114  (2004, 2nd author)

20.    Screening of 69 hot pepper lines for resistance against Cucumber Mosaic Virus by mechanical inoculation.  Capsicum and Eggplant Newsletter 22:111-114.  (2003, 2nd author)



1.       Juvenil stage selection for salinity tolerance on rice genotypes confirm their performance in field The 9th International Conference on Integration of Science and Technology for Sustainable Development 2021 (9th ICIST 2021).  King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), Bangkok, Thailand November 19, 2021

2.       The effects of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyasetic Acid on Callus Formation from three stage developments of bud of Curcuma manga.  The 3rd KOBI Congress, International and National Conferences: Biodiversity Conservation for Human Welfare to Anticipate the 4.0 Industrial Revolution Era (2020).  24-25 November 2020, Bengkulu Indonesia

3.       Determination Of Salinity Tolerance On Cayene Genotypes Based On Leaves Symptoms. The forth International Conference on Life Science and Biotechnology

4.       Evaluation of manure Types to Increase the Productivity of New Hybrid Maize in Coastal Land  The 2nd  International Seminar on Promoting Local Resources for Sustainable Agriculture and Development (2nd ISEPROLOCAL 2020).  October, 08, 2020, Bengkulu Indonesia

5.       Effectiveness of Mycorrhizal Application in Saline Soil to Improve Growth and Yield of Maize.  7th International Conference Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy  SAFE2019.  18-21 October 2019, Phuket Thailand

6.       Keragaan Jagung Hibrida  Baru Adaptif Lahan Pesisir Dengan Penambahan Mikoriza Indonesian.  Seminar Nasional BKS-PTN Wilayah Barat Bidang Ilmu Pertanian “Inovasi Pertanian Berbasis Sumberdaya Lokal Berorientasi Entrepreunership.  27-29 Agustus 2019, Jambi






1.       1. Effect Of BAP (6-Benzyl Aminopurine) On In Vitro Shoot Growth Of Curcumas

2.       Plant Breeder’s Right of Plant Variety Protection on Hot pepper cultivar UNIB CHR17.  2020. No.00491/PPVT/S/2020.  Ministry of Agiculture the Republic of Indonesia.

3.       Plant Breeder’s Right of Cultivar Registration on Hot pepper cultivar UNIB CHR23.  2016. No.425/PVHP/2016.  Ministry of Agiculture the Republic of Indonesia.

4.       Plant Breeder’s Right of Cultivar Registration on Hot pepper cultivar Maxima. 2016. No.424/PVHP/2016. Ministry of Agiculture the Republic of Indonesia.

5.       Plant Breeder’s Right of Cultivar Registration on Maize cultivar UNIB CT9. 2016. No. 418/PVHP/2016

6.       Plant Breeder’s Right of Cultivar Registration on Hot pepper cultivar UNIB CHR 17F1.  2015. No.344/PVHP/2015.  Ministry of Agiculture the Republic of Indonesia.

7.       Plant Breeder’s Right of Cultivar Registration on shallot cultivar. 2011. No.83/PVHP/2011. Ministry of Agiculture the Republic of Indonesia.





1.       Satyalancana Karya Satya 10 years of service. 2010. President of the Republic of Indonesia



Professional/Social ORGANIZATION

1.       Plant Breeder Society of Indonesia (Peripi)

2.       Horticulture Society of Indonesia (Perhorti)

3.       Agronomy Society of Indonesia (Peragi)

4.       Agroecotechnology Society of Indonesia (Pagi)