Ir. Hidayat Koto, M.Sc.

Ir. Hidayat Koto, M.Sc.

Assistant Professor

Lecturer, Field of Science : Agroindustrial Technology

Position: Assistant Professor

Current Office Address: WR. Supratman street, Kandang Limun, Bengkulu, 38371 A


Agricultural Institute Bogor, Bogor (S1)
Wageningen Agricultural University (WAU), The Netherlands (S2)

Industrial Mathematics
Industrial Economy
Engineering Economics
Decision Making Analysis
Industrial Planning Project

Publication (2019-2022):
Analysis of Efficiency and Break-even Point of Sengon Wood Sawmill Industry: A Case Study At UD. Timber Jaya Makmur, Sukaraja, Seluma, Bengkulu, Journal of Agroindustry, 2019

Economic Order Quantity For Raw Material Inventory Control In Home Industry “Zaskya Bakery”, Journal of Agroindustry, 2020

Analysis of Tape Business Development Strategies in the New Normal Era Using SWOT and AHP Methods, Journal of Global Forest and Environmental Science, 2021

Bengkulu City Families Perception of the Application of Narrow Land Agricultural Technology in Pondok Besi Village, Bengkulu City, Journal of Global Forest and Environmental Science, 2021

Application of the Utilization of Mocaf Flour (Modified Cassava Flour) in Several Food Products at Madrasah Aliyah Mambaul Ulum, Central Bengkulu Regency, Journal of Educational Community Service Innovation, 2021

Effect of Nacho3 Concentration and Boiling Time on Physical Properties, Calcium Oxalate Content and Added Value of Suweg Flour (Amorphophallus Campanulatus), Journal of Agro-Industrial Technology, 2022

Fermentation of Cassava Peel Flour By Trichoderma Harzianum To Produce Glucose, Journal of Agricultural Technology, 2022

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