Ir. Marniza, M.Si.

Ir. Marniza, M.Si.

Associate Professor

Lecturer, Field of Science: Agricultural Product Technology

Position: Associate Professor

Current Office Address: WR. Supratman street, Kandang Limun, Bengkulu, 38371 A


Education: Postgraduate (S2)

Operational Research
Operation Unit
Agroindsutrial Material Science

Research Interest: Processing Technology

Research Project: Processing of Carbohydrate

Publication (2019-2022):
Quality Characteristics of Local Soybean Tempe of Anjasmoro Variety with Variation of Boiling Time and Use of Types of Packaging, Journal of Agroindustry, 2019

Study On Potentials Of Pineapple Skin Extract Fermented With Lactobacillus Casei As A Probiotic Beverage By In VIVO, Jurnal Agroindustri Vol. 10 No. 1, Mei 2020: 12-20. DOI :10.31186/j.agroind.10.1.12-20.

The Effect of Type of Packaging and Storage Time at Room Temperature on the Quality of Papaya Dodol, Journal of Agroindustry, 2020

Characteristics of Black Glutinous Tapai from Different Cooking Techniques, Journal of Agro-Industrial Technology, 2020, 7(2):112-120.

Physical Characteristics, Organoleptic And Fiber Content Of Sweet Bread With The Addition Of Bamboo Shoot Flour (Dendrocalamus Asper). Jurnal Agroindustri Vol. 11 No. 2, November 2021: 108-119. DOI :10.31186/j.agroind.11.2.108-119.

Addition of Kecombrang Flower Flour (Etlingera elatior) to the Characteristics of Red Beans Noodles.2022. Agritropica: Journal of Agricultural Science 5(1):27-40. Doi:

Characteristics of Kolang-kaling Sheet Jam (Arenga pinnata, M) with the addition of Dutch eggplant (Solanum betaceum). 2022. Jurnal Teknologi Agro-Industri 9(1):19-33.

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