Tuti Tutuarima, S.T.P., M.Si.

Tuti Tutuarima, S.T.P., M.Si.

Assistant Professor

Lecturer, Field of Science : Agroindustrial Technology

Position: Assistant Professor

Current Office Address: Danau street, No. 56 Panorama

Email: tutitutuarima@unib.ac.id

Education: Master in Agroindustrial Technology. IPB University.

Working experience:
Chief Editor of Jurnal Agroindustri : 2019 – 2022

Basic microbiology
Industrial microbiology
Agro-industry materials
Essential oil technology

Research Interest:
Design process technology for agricultural products

Research Project:
Process design for isolation of bioactive compounds from essential oil resources

Publication (2019-2022):
Organoleptic Properties of Kape-Kape Fish (Psenes Sp) With The Use Of Kecombrang Flower Extract (Nicolaia Speciosa, Horan) As A Natural Preservative, Journal of Agroindustry, 2019

Identification of volatile volatile compounds from volatile oil by-products of the Kalamansi syrup industry, Proceedings of SEMIRATA BKS PTN WEST REGION FOR MIPA 2019, 2019

Optimization of the Maceration Process of By-products of Kalamansi Orange Syrup (Citrofortunella microcarpa), Scientific Journal of Agricultural Technology Agrotechno, 2019

Utilization of Coconut Water as Nata De Coco for Women Around the Panorama Market, Bengkulu City, Dharma Raflesia: Scientific Journal of Science and Technology Development and Application, 2019

Effect of Natural Fermentation of By-Products of Kalamansi Industry on Improvement of Yield and Quality Essential Oil. 2020. DOI: https://doi.org/10.37676/agritepa.v7i2.1170
URL : https://jurnal.unived.ac.id/index.php/agritepa/article/view/1170

Physical and Chemical Characteristics Marmalade of Rimau Gerga Lebong with Addition of Citrus Kalamansi. 2020. doi:10.2991/absr.k.210609.061.

Performance of a Small Scale Essential Oil Distillation Apparatus on The Industrial Byproduct Kalamansi Syrup With Steam Distillation Method. 2020. DOI: 10.30598/jagritekno.2020.9.2.42.

Fermentation of Aspergilus sp. for Improvement of Result and Quality of Essential Oil Industry Waste Kalamansi Syrup. 2022. DOI:10.25077/jtpa.26.1.84-91.2022

Black Soybean Cultivation in Kemumu Village Rice Land and The Processed Products. 2022. DOI: https://doi.org/10.37303/peduli.v5i2.360

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