1. Transkip values that have been checked and in ACC majors and faculties
  2. Description of 4 verses and 4 brown envelopes
  3. Biodata of prospective graduates
  4. PU and PP consent sheet
  5. Articles already on ACC commission
  6. 1 CD containing:
  7. Thesis
  8. Article
  9. Graduation Photos
  10. The value of proposal seminars and results seminars (archives are in the department)
  11. Registration is done no later than 4 days before the exam


  1. The content of the article has been approved by the Lead Advisor and Co-Advisor
  2. The format of writing articles refers to the Jurnal Agroindustri template which can be downloaded on the Jurnal Agroindustri website.
  3. Articles collected in hardcopy form to major staff
  4. Article corrections are carried out by the final project commission team
  5. The results of corrections can be taken after the article is corresponded by the final project commission team
  6. Article files that have been approved by the final project commission team are sent via email:
  7. Similarity checking is carried out by TP department staff
  8. The maximum allowed similarity check is 20%, if it exceeds that number, it must be corrected again but you can still carry out the Thesis Exam
  9. Coordinate back to the Lead Advisor and Co-Advisor for the perfection of the article
  10. Articles that have passed the similarity check of a maximum of 20% will be submitted to the department as a condition for uploading grades