Building an academic process so that it becomes an academically recognized Study Program in Sumatra 2030 in the field of environmental science related to the management of tropical forest and coastal ecosystems


  • The Environmental Science study program is well-designed

  • Have all environmental courses recognized in various countries

  • Well-trained professional lecturers with long-standing experience


  • High number of scientific publications and international forums

  • Diverse aspects of international cooperation

  • Adequate lecture, laboratory, and KHDTK facilities


  • Young Researcher (Assistant Researcher)

  • Educator

  • Entrepreneur (Entrepreneur, Initiator, Adapter, Cooperator, Consultant, Restorator)

  • Environmental Manager (Environmental Manager)

Why Choose Us


Well-design programme, having all major/subjects same as different countries


Well-trained professional teaching staff.

Long relevant experience lecturer.

Scientific Publication

Good number of scientific publications and international forums


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Office building

Teaching building

General laboratory

Research laboratory

Field laboratory

Prof. Wiryono has been elected as the Leader of the Environmental Science Program for 2024-2028

The Environmental Science program is admitting 50 new students for 2024/2025 through the SBNP, SNBT, and UNIB independent pathways

The Environmental Science Study Program

The Bachelor in Environmental Science study program has officially opened and will be included in new student admissions in 2024

Video Profile of Environmental Study Program

Location of Environmental Study Program

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