Assistance in Business Process Management Through The Utilization Of Airtable Cloud Platform In The Social Forestry Enterprise Group Register Lima Towards Platinum Level: by A Group of lecturers, Department of Forestry FP UNIB.

Assistance in Business Process Management Through The Utilization Of Airtable Cloud Platform In The Social Forestry Enterprise Group Register Lima Towards Platinum Level: by A Group of lecturers, Department of Forestry FP UNIB.

Bengkulu, August 12, 2023 – In the midst of the drive for positive change in the social forestry sector, a group of lecturers from the Department of Forestry at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu (FP UNIB), has undertaken an extraordinary community service initiative. This activity is titled “ASSISTANCE IN BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT THROUGH THE UTILIZATION OF AIRTABLE CLOUD PLATFORM IN THE SOCIAL FORESTRY ENTERPRISE GROUP REGISTER LIMA TOWARDS PLATINUM LEVEL.” This activity aims to aid the Social Forestry Enterprise Group (KUPS) Register Lima in achieving the highest success in its business management.

Assisting in Formulating Appropriate Business Management

One of the primary goals of this activity is to help KUPS Register Lima formulate business management that aligns with the characteristics of their enterprise. Every business possesses unique characteristics and challenges, and in this regard, the lecturers from FP UNIB are working diligently to understand the market segment and administrative specifications of KUPS Register Lima. They are also focused on developing a business database that will serve as a crucial foundation for enhancing operational efficiency. In this endeavor, the lecturers are assisting KUPS Register Lima in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their business, as well as growth potential. With a better understanding of the market and business objectives, KUPS Register Lima can plan more effective steps in developing their enterprise.

Training and Mentoring with the AirTable Cloud Platform

Mentoring goes beyond providing advice; it also involves training and introducing KUPS Register Lima to the latest technology platforms that can streamline their business management. In this context, the lecturers from FP UNIB are introducing the AirTable Cloud platform to members of KUPS Register Lima as a handy tool for managing business processes. AirTable Cloud is a versatile and customizable tool that allows users to create databases, manage tasks, and collaborate within one platform. With the lecturers’ guidance, KUPS Register Lima members learn to leverage AirTable Cloud to monitor and organize various aspects of their business. This includes inventory management, sales tracking, cost monitoring, etc.

Towards Platinum Level: Paving the Path to Success

The long-term goal of this activity is to help KUPS Register Lima achieve the Platinum Level in their business management. This success will pave the way for significant achievements that can serve as an inspirational example for the social forestry sector across Indonesia. The Platinum Level is not just a business achievement; it also reflects commitment and sustainability in responsible and sustainable forestry practices. As part of this effort, the lecturers from FP UNIB are closely collaborating with KUPS Register Lima members to design long-term strategies to reach this level. This includes more detailed business plans, more effective marketing strategies, and close monitoring of their business developments.

Community Enthusiasm in this Activity

The community involved in this activity has shown tremendous enthusiasm. They are inspired by the dedication and spirit of the lecturers from FP UNIB in helping KUPS Register Lima achieve success. Many residents attended the training and workshops held as part of this activity, hoping to utilize the knowledge and skills gained to enhance their enterprises. Significant Results of the Mentoring The results of this mentoring are significant. Firstly, KUPS Register Lima successfully formulated their business processes using the Business Model Canvas (BMC), which provides a clearer view of how their business operates and how they can improve it. Furthermore, developing a more robust business database allows them to track crucial data about inventory, sales, and business operations in a more organized manner. This helps them make smarter decisions and identify growth opportunities. Moreover, this mentoring also provides the benefit of supplying Appropriate Technology (Teknologi Tepat Guna – TTG) information to KUPS Register Lima. This means they have been given insights into the latest technology that can be used to optimize their business processes. TTG has made their business control system more efficient, saving valuable time and resources. These results not only benefit KUPS Register Lima but also have a positive impact on the local government. With growth and improvement in social forestry businesses, the government can expect higher revenues through taxes and social contributions while simultaneously supporting efforts in forest conservation and sustainable natural resources.

Inspiring Social Forestry Nationwide

The success achieved by KUPS Register Lima through the mentoring from the group of lecturers at the Department of Forestry, FP UNIB, is a significant step forward in developing the social forestry sector in Indonesia. It is a real-life example of how collaboration between academics, practitioners, and the community can generate positive changes that benefit all parties. The lecturers from FP UNIB are committed to supporting KUPS Register Lima on their journey towards the Platinum Level, and they also hope that this success will inspire other social forestry enterprises nationwide. With hard work, a commitment to responsible business practices, and the utilization of the latest technology, Indonesia has the potential to become a leader in sustainable and prosperous social forestry.

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