Community Service at KPPH Madapi, Curup

Community Service at KPPH Madapi, Curup

Community service is one of a university’s three pillars aims to develop improve the community’s capacity. Thus, it is always directed at activities that directly impacts and benefits the community.

On this occasion, the Department of Forestry carried out community service with the theme of Strengthening Capacity in Environmental Forest Management for Community Welfare for the Madapi Forest Conservation Women Cooperative. It was carried out on Saturday, June 18, 2022, at the KPPH Secretariat of Teladan Village, South Curup District, Rejang Lebong Regency. This involved the lecturers from the Department of Forestry divided into 6 groups of service sub-themes. The six sub-themes were Introduction to Food Plants in MADAPI Forest, Making Organic Fertilizer, Introduction to Trigona (Stingless) Honey Bees, Ecotourism Development, Plant Grafting Techniques, and Plant Diversity and Food Security.

This activity was attended by 40 participants from communities around the forest area whoa are the members of the Madapi KPPH. It was guided by the Head of KPPH Madapi, Rika Nofrianti and the Secretary of the Department of Forestry, Saprinurdin. In addition, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. Yansen and Head of LPPM UNIB, Dr. Hery Suhartoyo, were also involved.

The activity went quite smoothly and was enthusiastically followed by the participants. The material presented is relevant to be developed around forest areas where the community lives. In addition, the Department of Forestry team also demonstrated grafting or splicing techniques in doubling plant rootstocks and making compost in this activity. As a little encouragement to practice this activity in the later, the Department of Forestry provided superior avocado plant seeds to each participant and a set of tools to make compost.

The following is some documentation of the service activities that have been carried out.


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