Department of Forestry of UNIB participated in the International Accreditation of ACQUIN

Department of Forestry of UNIB participated in the International Accreditation of ACQUIN

The Department of Forestry closely follows the accreditation process carried out by ACQUIN, an international institutional accreditation for higher education from Germany. The Rector of UNIB mandates approximately 70 study programs within UNIB to participate in this process to improve current institutional accreditation towards “Unggul”.

The Department of Forestry is included in Cluster 7 Agriculture out of 8 clusters assessed by the ACQUIN team. Cluster 7 Agriculture proposed 12 study programs for this accreditation process, including the Study Program of Forestry.

Preparations for this accreditation have been carried out meticulously, and the online visitation took place on 14-25th November. Cluster 7 Agriculture, including the Study Program of Forestry, was visited by the ACQUIN team on Tuesday – Thursday, 15 – 17th November.

Online visitation for Cluster 7 Agriculture, 12 study programmes

The online visitation involved representatives of managers, lecturers, laboratory and administration, alumni, and students divided into four separate sessions. The first session for laboratory and administration was represented by M. Fajrin Hidayat, S.Hut., M.Si., as head of the forestry laboratory, along with other study programs’ administration and laboratory within the Faculty of Agriculture. In the two sessions of study program managers and lecturers, Ir. Edi Suharto, MP. and Saprinurdin, S.Hut., MForEcosysSc. as head and secretary of the department, Dr. Yansen as vice dean for academic affairs, and Prof. Ridwan Yahya as a lecturer representative participated in the event.

Managers and teaching staff session

In the student and alumni session, the Study Program of Forestry presented alumni working in international and multinational professional institutions, including Rahmat Ade Saputra from RAPP, Hendry Pramono from WCS, Cecep Sosiawan from Sinarmas Forestry, and Benny Pratama from Indonesian Environment Fund (BPDLH) Bengkulu, Public Service Agency (BLU) under the Ministry of Finance. The students were represented by two classes, Barkah Dani and Winda Nur Anisah from the class of 2019 and Yoandha Kesuma and Putri Ariska from the 2010 class. In the sessions, the interpreter bridged communication for those whose English was still passive.

Student and alumni session

The visitation went quite well, and the assessors got a pretty good impression. In this process, the assessors for the Study Program of Forestry were Prof. Timo Tokola from the School of Forest Science, University of Eastern Finland. A few interesting facts, Prof. Timo has lived in Indonesia for a long time and has been involved in the forestry sector, so he is quite familiar with the forestry condition in Indonesia. The final recommendation decision from the assessors will be submitted in February – March 2023 next year.

Hopefully, this accreditation process can provide the best outcome for the Study Program of Forestry to improve the quality of education for the academic community, including the students.

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