Environment-based Practicum Mentoring

Environment-based Practicum Mentoring

On March 18th, 2023, an unusual activity was observed at Madinatul Ilmi Islamic Boarding School in Kepahiang Regency, Bengkulu Province. Six lecturers from various faculties at the University of Bengkulu visited the boarding school. The leadership of the boarding school, teachers (ustadz/ustadzah), and students welcomed their arrival in the hall, commonly used for essential events involving many individuals. The visit of these six lecturers was intended to share some knowledge with the boarding school. This activity is commonly known as Community Engagement, which is a regular obligation for the lecturers.

One of the six lecturers was Mr. Dedi Satriawan, a lecturer in the Biology undergraduate program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Bengkulu. Mr Ringki Agustinsa, S.Pd., M.Pd. from the Faculty of Education, University of Bengkulu, and Mr Yansen, PhD from the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu, accompanied him. These three lecturers organized an outreach activity titled “Environment-based practicum mentoring”. Mr. Ringki provided an approach to the practicum curriculum, while Mr. Dedi presented simple alternatives that could be utilized as forms of environment-based practicum, fostering an enjoyable learning atmosphere.

All elements of the boarding school showed enthusiasm during this brief outreach process. The teachers (ustadz/ustadzah) opened their minds to the idea that practicums only sometimes require elaborate laboratory equipment and spaces. Through the simple examples provided by Mr. Dedi, the teachers (ustadz/ustadzah) could comprehend that activities such as cultivation could serve as Biology practicums within the boarding school’s curriculum. Similarly, for laboratory equipment replacements, various simple tools were introduced as alternative substitutes for conducting practicums.

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