Field Trip to Study Forest Ecosystem from the Coast to the Mountain

Field Trip to Study Forest Ecosystem from the Coast to the Mountain

The field trip (kuliah lapangan) is a regular activity carried out by the department every year. It is a compulsory course offered in even semesters aimed to introduce the types of forest ecosystems from the coast to the mountains, especially in tropical climates.

This academic year, the field trip took place on Saturday, May 21, and Saturday-Sunday, May 28-29. In the first batch, the students were brought to Pulai Baai, Bengkulu City, to study mangrove ecosystems and coastal forests. A week later, it was held in two places, Taba Penanjung Nature Reserve (cagar alam), Central Bengkulu, and Bukit Kaba Nature Park (taman wisata alam), Rejang Lebong, to study the lowland and mountain forest ecosystems.


Field trip in Pulau Baai to study mangrove ecosystem

It was attended by approximately 80 students from the class of 2020 and some 2019 class members divided into 8 groups, with each group accompanied by a co-assistant. Head of the Department of Forestry, Edi Suharto, also joined the trip this time led by senior lecturers of Wahyudi Arianto and Fajrin Hidayat. Some other lecturers also joined to provide direction and experience to students participating in KL.

Although the weather in the previous few days was erratic, sometimes with heavy rain and scorching heat, it was pretty sunny on D-day. The students were also very enthusiastic about this trip because they got hands-on experience in the field to learn the types of forest ecosystems and study the interactions of biotic and abiotic factors. They are also given direction and motivation on the importance of understanding and applying this concept as part of basic skills that will be valuable for a forester after college year.

See you at the field trip next year for the students in the next class!


Group photo at the Nature Park of Bukit Kaba

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