Forestry Students of FP UNIB have won the 2023 Bantuan Mahasiswa Wirausaha (BMW).

Forestry Students of FP UNIB have won the 2023 Bantuan Mahasiswa Wirausaha (BMW).

Bengkulu University, 21 July 2023 – Forestry is a study program that focuses on conserving forests and fosters an entrepreneurial spirit among students. This is evidenced by the passing of a Bengkulu University forestry student, Rahmat Hidayat and the team (Ana Meinawati from Agribusiness, and M. Hilman Fikri from TIP) receiving Bantuan Mahasiswa Wirausaha (BMW) in 2023.

Rahmat Hidayat, a Batch 2019 student in the Forestry Study Program, has convinced the assessment team of the entrepreneurial project he has carefully designed. The project proposed by Rahmat Hidayat focuses on developing a photography business; the business name is RPROJECT.IDN. Directly guided by a forestry lecturer: Hefri Oktoyoki, S.Hut., M.Sc.

In his project presentation, Rahmat Hidayat shows a clear vision and mission regarding his business prospects. The plan he managed to show the advantages and differences of his business with other photography businesses. The Head of the Department of Forestry appreciated the efforts and innovation shown by Rahmat Hidayat. He said that students’ involvement in entrepreneurship was enormously encouraged by the forestry department as part of efforts to produce graduates who are competitive in the globalization era.

“In this increasingly dynamic era, students must be encouraged to innovate and become agents of change in society. I hope Rahmat Hidayat’s entrepreneurial project will be an inspiring example for other students to develop their own potential and produce a positive impact on the student economy,” said Ir. Edi Suharto, M.P. The Entrepreneurial Student Assistance Fund (BMW) that Rahmat Hidayat won will be used to finance equipment and production and attend business management training to improve his business running skills. Rahmat Hidayat is happy and grateful for the support from the university, supervisors, and friends in realizing the entrepreneurial project he has long dreamed of. He is committed to running a business with full responsibility and prioritizing the principle of benefit. Rahmat Hidayat’s work as a forestry student who won the BMW in 2023 will inspire other young generations to continue to innovate, be entrepreneurial, and contribute to the name of the forestry department.

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