General Lecture of Indonesia’s FOLU Net Sink 2030

General Lecture of Indonesia’s FOLU Net Sink 2030

The Study Programme of Forestry UNIB held a general lecture with the theme Indonesia’s FOLU Net Sink 2030 by inviting Dr. Ruandha Agung Sugadirman from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Dr. Ruandha is the Director General of Forestry Planning and Environmental Management at the ministry.

In his presentation, Indonesia’s Forestry and Other Land Uses (FOLU) Net Sink 2030 is a concept of carbon-neutral or net-zero emission, a balanced condition between the level of carbon sequestration in the forestry sector and other land uses with the level of emissions it emits, which is targeted to be achieved by 2030. This policy is issued in the Decree of the Minister of LHK no. 158/2022.

In general, there are three action plans at the site level, namely actions to reduce emissions, maintain absorption, and increase absorption. From these actions, 11 activities were derived, namely reducing the rate of deforestation on mineral and peat lands, reducing the rate of deforestation on mineral and peat lands, developing forest plantations, sustainable forest management, rotational and non-rotational rehabilitation, peat restoration, peat water systems improvement, and biodiversity conservation.

In addition, institutional strengthening and development are also essential. It can be done by developing policy instruments, controlling monitoring systems, and evaluating and implementing public communications.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Ruandha emphasized that Indonesia’s FOLU Net Sink 2030 is an international commitment by the President of the Republic of Indonesia by ensuring the realization and implementation at the site level, from global to local, which will be carried out in a structured, systematic, and massive way. It is based on sustainable forest management, environmental governance, and carbon governance. Thus, the target of -140 million tons of CO2e of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 can be achieved.

The presentation material can be downloaded from the link below

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