The Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (IQF/KKNI) is a competency qualification level framework that can equalize and integrate education, job training, and working experience to provide recognition of professional competencies in various sectors. The IQF maps out the profile and competence of graduates based on each level.

Based on KKNI level 6, the Study Programme of Forestry aims to produce graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry (S.Hut.) degree with competencies under the graduate profile. The IQF’s level 6 refers to the graduate’s ability to describe and develop science and technology for community-based tropical environmental and forest resource management based on theories and problem-solving concepts in a multidisciplinary approach.

The graduate profiles produced by the Study Programme of Forestry are expected to be:

Manager in the forestry sector

Forestry graduate capable of managing forest resources and developing networking with stakeholders, starting from the planning, governance, utilization, and ability to evaluate the management process and committing to the principle of sustainable tropical forest functions.


Forestry graduate possessing entrepreneurial enthusiasm in the forestry sector collaborating with stakeholders, acting as actors in the process of evaluating forest resources to obtain the economic benefits of tropical forests.

Educators and extension service workers in the forestry sector

Forestry graduates capable of communicating ideas or knowledge in the forestry sector effectively, acting as actors in community empowerment, and the ability to apply values ​​and norms in community building, have a high social responsibility reflected through their active role in solving community problems, particularly in terms of managing natural resources and tropical forest environment.

Young researcher in forestry

Forestry graduate capable of creative thinking, innovative, and productive to make designs and technology in solving issues in the management and utilization of timber, non-timber forest products, and tropical forest ecosystem services.