Great Achievements of The Forestry Students of Faculty of Agriculture UNIB

Great Achievements of The Forestry Students of Faculty of Agriculture UNIB

In February 2024, the Forestry Department of FP UNIB will again make a proud history with the brilliant achievements of its students. SURYA MARDIANA, forestry student class of 2021, FP UNIB, is in the main spotlight after winning the title of 1st place for Outstanding Student at the Faculty of Agriculture 2024.
Surya Mardiana, with his dedication and hard work, managed to win this prestigious title amidst tight competition. This achievement not only raises Surya’s name but also proves the superiority of forestry students.

Not only that, but the greatness of forestry students is also reflected through JESSY NAYASARI, S.Hut. Jessy, as a forestry graduate, made an extraordinary achievement by winning the 2024 FP UNIB thesis competition. This success is evidence of intellectual sharpness and high dedication to producing quality scientific work.
Due to his victory, Jessy also had the right to deliver a scientific oration on his thesis at the 105 FP UNIB Yudisium (Tuesday, 27/2/2024). This moment is not only an opportunity to appreciate his hard work while studying at FP UNIB but also an inspiration for other students to continue to struggle and work wholeheartedly.

The brilliant achievements achieved by SURYA MARDIANA and JESSY NAYASARI are concrete evidence of the quality and potential possessed by forestry students. This also motivates all students and the academic community to continue to make achievements and make the Forestry Department proud nationally and internationally. These achievements will become new milestones in the Forestry Department’s glorious journey in the future.

Video of the award on the FAPERTA YouTube link:

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