Prof. Wiryono has been elected as the Leader of the Environmental Science Program for the period 2024-2028.

Prof. Wiryono has been elected as the Leader of the Environmental Science Program for the period 2024-2028.

Bengkulu, January 24, 2024 – Prof. Ir. Wiryono, M.Sc., Ph.D  has been unanimously elected as the Chair of the Environmental Science Study Program-Department of Forestry at FP UNIB. This decision marks the beginning of a period expected to bring about significant changes in the development of environmental science.

The Environmental Science program is admitting a total of 50 new students for the academic year 2024/2025 through the SBNP, SNBT, and UNIB independent pathways. The vision of ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Study Program is to establish the Environmental Science Program as a widely recognized academic center in Sumatra by 2030. Its vision’s primary focus lies in environmental science for managing tropical forests and coastal ecosystem areas.

Environmental Science Research Areas: Under the leadership of Prof. Wiryono, the Environmental Science Program will adopt a holistic approach in its research areas. Its scope encompasses abiotic, biotic, and cultural aspects, specifically on managing tropical and coastal ecosystem environments. With a focus on agro-industry and watershed management, this program will significantly contribute to environmental sustainability.

Graduate Profile in Environmental Science: The Environmental Science Program aims to produce graduates ready to take on leadership roles in various environmental sectors.

  1. Young Researchers (Assistant Researchers): Emphasizing research and innovation skills to address future environmental challenges.
  2. Educators: Preparing graduates to become educators capable of disseminating environmental knowledge and awareness.
  3. Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneurs, Initiators, Adaptors, Cooperators, Consultants, Restorers): Encouraging entrepreneurship in the environmental field, both in developing new businesses and adaptation to environmental changes.
  4. Environmental Managers: Equipping graduates to manage environmental projects efficiently and sustainably.

With the support of staff and students, Prof. Wiryono believes that the Environmental Science Program will become a leading institution in Sumatra, playing a crucial role in addressing future environmental challenges.

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