The Study Programme of Forestry was established in 1993. The name of the study programme had changed to Silviculture in 1995 before it reverted to the former name in 2010. Currently, it is the only study programme under the management of the Department of Forestry at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu. At the beginning of its establishment, the initial concept of this study programme was to manage forest resources and to provide insights into policy formulations related to the forestry sectors. It has expanded to a broader scope to keep up with the current local and global issues. However, the study programme still focuses on sustainable community-based tropical forest management.

The purpose of the study programme is to provide the best education practice and learning activities to the students. It is implemented by instilling robust fundamental concepts and enriching learning experiences through in-laboratory and field practicum. To date, the study programme offers four divisions for the undergraduate research specializations, i.e., silviculture, ecology and conservation, forest management, and forest product technology, in which the research topics are updated to current global knowledge and issues related to the forestry and environment.

Moreover, the study programme has a strong root in the local and nationwide network and it has expanded to regional connections with various stakeholders and institutions. Thus, it creates numerous collaborations regarding education and research activity between higher education institutions and various parties, for instance government institutions, private sectors, and non-governmental organisations. These activities provide first-hand experience for intern students in their institutions, research collaborations between universities’ teaching staff, and scientific-based governmental projects.

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