Public Lecture and Orientation for MBKM Building Village Program Thematic: Social Forestry and KHDTK

Public Lecture and Orientation for MBKM Building Village Program Thematic: Social Forestry and KHDTK

BENGKULU – On August 31, 2023, the Department of Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu, organized a Public Lecture and Empowerment for Outstanding Students Through the Independent Campus Merdeka Learning Program (MBKM) of the Department of Forestry, FP UNIB, with the main theme “Building Thematic Forest Villages for Social Forestry.” The event took place in the Department of Forestry’s auditorium and was attended by 119 MBKM student participants and faculty members from the department.

Promoting Positive Contributions in Villages Through Social Forestry The purpose of this Public Lecture is to provide in-depth insights to students regarding social forestry and how they can actively contribute to developing villages around forests. The theme was chosen to underscore the importance of social forestry in sustainable development.

Prominent Speakers The event featured three prominent speakers:

  1. The Head of the Sumatra PSKL Forest Office provided a deep understanding of the concept of social forestry and the importance of collaboration between students, academics, and the government in supporting village development.
  2. Akar Foundation is a non-profit organization that has significantly contributed to developing thematic social forestry villages. Speakers from the Akar Foundation shared their experiences and the successes of their projects.
  3. The signing of the Cooperation Agreement This event also marked an important moment for signing a cooperation agreement between the Department of Forestry and the Akar Foundation. This collaboration will open up new opportunities for students to engage in real projects that support village development.

Equipping Students for a Sustainable Future Faculty members from the Department of Forestry played a significant role in this event, providing guidance and advice to students in their efforts to become positive agents of change in society. This event is expected to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the challenges of sustainable village development in the future. 

Please visit the “Jurusan Kehutanan” YouTube channel to watch the full video: 

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