The Department of Forestry FP UNIB has successfully held a Workshop and FGD on MBKM Curriculum Development.

The Department of Forestry FP UNIB has successfully held a Workshop and FGD on MBKM Curriculum Development.

The University of Bengkulu, Thursday, 26 July 2023 – The Department of Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture (FP), University of Bengkulu (UNIB) held a workshop and FGD (Focus Group Discussion) which aimed to develop a Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) curriculum for the Department of Forestry. This activity is focused on MBKM Villages’ development of  Social Forestry Thematic and Village around KHDTK and Sustainable Forestry Internships in order to improve the quality of education and realize the Link and Match of Higher Education and the industrial as well as increase the absorption of university graduates in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0.

This workshop and FGD were strategic steps for the Department of Forestry FP UNIB in strengthening the curriculum with the MBKM approach. The participants involved in this activity were LPMPP of UNIB, lecturers, students, related government agencies, private sector (DUDI), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), 10 Villages that received Social Forestry Permits for the KPHL Bukit Daun Area, 10 Gapoktanhut Social Forestry for the KPHL Area Bukit Daun, 1 Village around KHDTK.

In opening the event, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs FP UNIB, Professor Yansen, stated the importance of developing an MBKM curriculum responsive to the community’s needs and environment. He mentioned that MBKM Villages’ development of Thematic Social Forestry and Sustainable Forest Internships was the main focus because the challenges of forestry and forest conservation were increasingly complex and required in-depth understanding and active involvement of students. Professor Yansen also emphasized that through MBKM, students will be encouraged to identify real societal problems and present innovative solutions actively. FP UNIB hopes to create a relevant and efficient curriculum for dealing with forestry sector problems by involving the local government and related stakeholders.

The Speakers from academics, practitioners, and government are invited to share their knowledge and experience in social forestry and sustainable forest internships. In the FGD session, participants were invited to provide input and constructive ideas to improve the curriculum being developed. The parties also stated they were ready to accept and cooperate to guide MBKM students.

Head of the UNIB Forestry Department, Ir. Edi Suharto, MP, expressed his hope that through this workshop and FGD, the participants could cooperate and collaborate to design an MBKM curriculum that was in line with the times’ demands and society’s needs. Thus, graduates of the UNIB Forestry Department are expected to have high competitiveness and be able to have a positive impact on sustainable forestry development and village development. It is planned that 130 students of 26 groups will participate in the MBKM in 17 social forestry villages, one sub-district around KHDTK and two agencies for sustainable forest management internships.

In the closing ceremony, marked by the handing over of certificates to the speakers and participants, it is hoped that the results of this workshop and FGD will become a strong foundation for the campus to implement a higher quality and relevant MBKM curriculum in the future. The Department of Forestry FP UNIB and various related stakeholders are committed to supporting the development and implementation of MBKM as a form of the university’s actual contribution to advancing Indonesia in the future.

Please watch the video of the event on the following forestry department youtube channel:

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