The Forestry Department offers MBKM MANDIRI, Program Membangun Desa.

The Forestry Department offers MBKM MANDIRI, Program Membangun Desa.

Kampus Merdeka – Merdeka Belajar (freedom to learn) is a new learning program designed by the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture as a response toward the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Through this way, the graduates are able to be innovative, creative, autonomous, and competitive. Program Membangun Desa is one of the MBKM programs that provides learning experiences for students to live in the community outside the campus and directly together with the community identifying potential and dealing with problems so that they are expected to be able to develop village/regional potential and concoct solutions to existing problems in the village.

The Department of Forestry opened an offer for the Independent MBKM Program to Build Villages (Social Forestry Thematic) for forestry students, which will be recognized as 20 credits with program implementation for six months. The partner villages are in Rejang Lebong Regency: Tanjung Dalam, Air Lanang (Curup Selatan District), Tebat Pulau Village, and Tebat Tenong Dalam Village (Bermani Ulu District). These villages are located around Daun Hill and have obtained social forestry permits.

Students participating in this program must obtain approval from the Academic Advisor. After receiving the approval of the Academic Advisor, students carry out the registration process in the administration section of the forestry study program. If the student meets the requirements, they can choose courses that can be recognized as 20 credits. Then a debriefing is carried out by the study program and lecturers in related subjects.

Students participate in learning activities in partner villages and are obliged to submit reports on the results of activities and outcomes to supervisors and study programs. The format and systematization, as well as the form of reporting, are determined by the Department/Study Program. The Study Program can ask students to make presentations on the learning activities they participate in. The point of this learning activity is a combination of points from supervising lecturers and supervisors or assistant staff in the field from partners.

Come on, register soon. The quota is limited to only 20 students for this stage!

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