Welcoming 77 New Students Of The Forestry Department of FP UNIB: Embarking On The Journey Towards Excellence In Forestry

Welcoming 77 New Students Of The Forestry Department of FP UNIB: Embarking On The Journey Towards Excellence In Forestry

[Department of Forestry UNIB, August 3, 2023] – The spirit of young Foresters reignites in the Hall of the Forestry Department, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu. On this enthusiastic day, a welcoming event was held to greet the arrival of 77 new students who will join the big family of the forestry department. The solemn event was attended by experienced forestry lecturers, the Forestry Student Association (Hima Sylva), and several high-achieving students. This historic moment aims to extend a warm welcome and provide guidance to the new students as they embark on their academic journey in the Forestry Department.

In his speech, the Forestry Department Chairman, represented by the Secretary of the Forestry Department, Saprinurdin, S.Hut., M.ForEcosysSc, expressed his delight at the enthusiasm of the new students for choosing forestry as their educational path. He stated, “Forestry is one of the crucial fields in maintaining the balance of our ecosystems. The presence of these passionate new students will be at the forefront of preserving the environment. Furthermore, he emphasized that with the highest academic quality and teaching standards, they are prepared to provide the latest knowledge and equip students with skills relevant to the demands of the forestry industry.”

The welcoming event was also attended by forestry lecturers who shared valuable experiences and advice with the new students. Additionally, outstanding students shared inspirational stories about their journey in achieving various academic accomplishments.

This welcoming ceremony marks the beginning of the academic journey for the 77 new students. Great hopes lie with this dynamic young generation to create breakthroughs and innovations in preserving Indonesia’s forestry.

Welcome to the Forestry Department at UNIB, where the spirit of forestry and love for nature converge to create a better future for forestry. May your journey in the forestry world be filled with success and remarkable achievements. Congratulations on becoming part of the big family of the Forestry Department of UNIB, young Foresters!

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