Evaluation of Semester Results for Marine Science Study Program Students Class of 2023

Evaluation of Semester Results for Marine Science Study Program Students Class of 2023

On January 27, 2024, an evaluation activity was conducted at the Marine Science Program’s auditorium. The event occurs from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM Western Time in Indonesia. It was attended by the academic advisors for the Students Class of 2023, namely Dr. Ali Muqsit, Akbar Abdurrahman Mahfudz, M.Sc, and Annisa Nurul Suci, M.Si, along with all students from the Students Class of 2023.

This activity aimed to assess the results of the odd semester of the academic year 2022/2023. Before the event, lecturers gathered information on each student’s grade point average (GPA), academic transcript (KHS), and study plan (KRS). Mr. Akbar Abdurrahman Mahfudz, M.Sc., opened the proceedings by stating the purpose and goals of the evaluation and presenting an overview of the GPAs achieved by students.

Following this, he provided motivation and advice to all students, particularly those with the ten lowest GPAs. A specific time will be allocated for consultations and discussions to enhance learning outcomes for the current semester (even semester 2023/2024).

The top five GPAs for Students in the Class of 2023 are as follows:

  1. Beta Aqillah Sari (GPA 3.71)
  2. Gita Rossa Dewayanthi (GPA 3.62)
  3. Meysalaura Seftia (GPA 3.62)
  4. Rosalina Dermawati Hutabarat (GPA 3.62)
  5. Arnold Willyarto (GPA 3.54)

The achievement of these GPAs is expected to motivate other students to strive for satisfactory academic performance. These five students are encouraged to maintain or improve their GPAs in the upcoming semesters.

The event continued with a discussion on academic regulations guided by Dr. Ali Muqsit. He emphasized that mandatory university courses must receive a minimum grade of C+ to be considered passing. To complete undergraduate studies, only two courses are allowed to receive a grade of D, specifically within the program’s courses. Dr. Ali Muqsit also discussed with students regarding challenges and obstacles in learning that may result in unsatisfactory grades.

The last segment of the event included additional insights from Ms. Annisa Nurul Suci, M.Si, who encouraged students to participate actively in extracurricular activities. She shared information about the Student Creativity Program (PKM), whose registration has already begun. PKM offers opportunities for students to channel their ideas in areas such as community service, innovation, entrepreneurship, academic research, and the arts. Several interested students were successfully recruited, ready to participate in coaching clinics to be conducted soon by instructors from the Marine Science Program.

Ms. Annisa Nurul Suci also invited students to join the Marine English Club, a program to enhance English language skills. The event was concluded by Mr. Akbar Abdurrahman Mahfudz, expressing hope that this evaluation activity will continue every semester to encourage students to complete their studies promptly and effectively, serving as an objective and open platform for discussion and strengthening communication bonds between instructors and students.

News contributor: Akbar AM

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