Dr. Ir. Hendri Bustamam, MS

Dr. Ir. Hendri Bustamam, MS



Nama : Dr. Ir. Hendri Bustamam, MS

Position: Associate Professor

Current Office Address: Dept. Plant Protection, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu

Email: hendribustamam@unib.ac.id

Phone : 082377704151

Education :

           Grade        University            year            Major
B.Sc. University Andalas , Padang 1980-1985 Plant Pest and Disease Science
M.Sc. University of Gadjah mada , Yogyakarta 1987-1991 Phytopathology
Ph.D. University of Gadjah mada , Yogyakarta 2007-2011




Working experience:

year Place Position  
1986-1987 University of Bengkulu Co-assistant
1987-1991 University of Bengkulu Assistant
1991-2007 University of Bengkulu Lecturer
2007-2022 University of Bengkulu Associate Professor



Teaching :

In Study Program Other Study Program
Microbiology Biological control of pest and disease
Biochemistry Microbiology
Introduction to Plant Procaryotes
Breeding for crop resistant to pest and diseases
Biological control of pest and disease
Annual crop diseases
Pest and disease management


Research Interest : Biological control of crop diseases

Research Projects :

year title Funding Act
2022 The effectiveness of organic fertilizer formula with Trichoderma-D3 on growth and reduction of bulb disease of shallot in lowland area FP-UNIB Head
2022 Exploration and uses local isolates of Beauverria bassiana to control coffee bean borrer LPPM-UNIB Member
2021 Formulation of organic fertilizer with biological agent and its effectiveness against bacterial wilt diseases in coastal land of Bengkulu LPPM-UNIB Head
2021 Tomato Vaccination With Avirulent Pathogens and Streptomyces To Increase Resistance To Bacterial Wilt Disease FP-UNIB Member


Publications :

Hendri Bustamam, Hartal Hartal, Hesti Wahyuni, and Herry Gusmara , 2022. The Effectiveness of the Organic Fertilizer Formula of the PGPR and Biocontrol Agents Consortium on the Growth of Leeks and Reduction of Soft Rot Disease . KnE Life Sciences / The First Asian PGPR Indonesian Chapter International e-Conference 2021 / Pages 193–205

R Aminningsih , T Pamekas , H Bustamam . 2021. Mode of Actions and Pathogenicity of 11 Endophytic Fungi on Fusarium oxysporum . AGRITROPICA: Journal of Agricultural Sciences 4 (2), 122-128

Dwinardi Apriyanto , Nadrawati , Hendri Bustamam , Agustin Zarkani . 2021. EFFECT OF Beauveria bassiana AGAINST COFFEE BEAN BORER, Hyphothenemus hampei (FERRARI) IN SMALL SCALE FIELD TRIALS. Insect 2021, 26(3): 69-88.

N Wakhidah , K Kasrina , H Bustamam. 2021. Diversity Mold Pathogens on Plant Chilli Red (Capsicum annuum L.) in the Plains Low . Conservation Live 17 (2), 63-68

R Fardiyanti , K Kasrina , H Bustamam . 2021. DIFFERENT TYPES OF Streptomyces sp IN THE RYZOSPHERE OF THE LILIACEA PLANT IN THE VILLAGE AREA . SOURCE CLEAR . Conservation Live 17(1), 29-34

A Fiddin , M Sutrawati , H Bustamam , DW Ganefianti , S Sipriyadi . 2021. TUNGRO DISEASE IN RICE PLANT ( Oryza sativa) IN TABA PENANJUNG DISTRICT: DISEASE INCIDENCE AND MOLECULAR VIRUS DETECTION . Journal Sciences Indonesian Agriculture 23 (1), 37-45

djamilah Djamilah , Hendri Bustaman , Priyatiningsih Priyatiningsih , Sipriyadi Sipriyadi , Risky Hadi Wibowo . 2020. PATHOGENICITY OF ENTOMOPATHOGENIC FUNGI Lecanicillium lecanii AND Beauveria bassiana AGAINST Pseudococcus jackbeardsleyi (PSEUDOCOCCIDAE) INFECTING HAIR. Insect 25(3):1-11

M Marwanto , H Bustaman , M Handajaningsih , S Supanjani , BG Murcitro , 2020. Delivery of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungus Spores via Seed Coating with Biodegradable Binders for Enhancement of the Spores Viability and Their Beneficial Properties in Maize . Deed Agrosia 23 (1), 1-10

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