Nela Zahara, SP., M.Si

Nela Zahara, SP., M.Si



 NAME: Nela Zahara

Position: Master

Current Office Address: Jl. Medan baru, Azzahra Lestari blok d. no.50


Phone: +85271371731

Education: S1 degree UNRI, Master IPB.


Working experience: 2019 – present

Teaching: Fitopatologi, Insect and Pathogen Plant Interaction

Research Interest:

Biological control with plant pathogen.

Research Project:

Characteristic Of Rice Paddy Seedborne Pathogens From Bengkulu



N Zahara, M Ali, F Puspita . 2020. Test the Ability of Leaf Extracts of Several Types of Betel (Piper sp.) To Control Peanut Seed Transmitted Pathogenic Fungus and Its Effect on Seed Germination. Konservasi Hayati 16 (1), 30-38.

N Zahara dan Lisbet S. 2022. Study of Pathogens Causing Disease in Melon Plants (Cucumis melo L.) in Bengkulu. Konservasi Hayati 18 (1), 22-25.

N Zahara, T Pamekas. 2022. Characteristics Of Rice Seed Brought Futures Origin In Bengkulu City. CERMIN: Jurnal Penelitian 6 (1), 78-85.

N Zahara, BPW Soekarno, A Munif. 2021. Test Concentration of Endophytic Fungus Metabolites from Peanut Plants as Growth Inhibitor of Aspergillus flavus. PENDIPA Journal of Science Education 5 (1), 63-69.

N Zahara, BPW Soekarno, A Munif. 2018. Metabolites of Endophytic Bacteria from Peanut Plants as Growth Inhibitors of Aspergillus flavus. Jurnal Fitopatologi Indonesia 14 (1), 15-15

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