“Producing internationally reputed doctors and innovations in the development of tropical agriculture in sustainable coastal areas by 2030”


  1. Organizing education oriented to the development of human resources who have competence in tropical agriculture in sustainable coastal areas
  2. Conducting international research in the management of tropical agriculture in coastal areas based on local knowledge and resources
  3. Carrying out community services to empower the community
  4. Cooperating with local, national and international stakeholders
  5. Managing the education system professionally based on good governance


  1. Produce doctors who have high scientific integrity and are able to take part internationally.
  2. Produce scientific and technological works of international standard.
  3. Applying technology that can provide solutions to community problems in coastal areas.
  4. Have a synergistic cooperation network and wide recognition in the development of science and technology for sustainable tropical agriculture in coastal areas.
  5. Ensure accountability, transparency, and credibility of program management.