By Agribusiness Study Program Community Service Team, Faculty of Agriculture, Bengkulu University

Dr. Ir. Reflis, M.Si.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ketut Sukiyono, M.Ec

Netta Agusti, MESy

This community service activity in the form of counseling aims to expand knowledge, increase experience, and increase business (business) in the agricultural sector. From the purpose of the extension, the community will have knowledge about agro-tourism, as well as how to develop agro-tourism in an effective and efficient way. Talang Sebaris village has very large plantations, especially rubber and oil palm plantations, from these plantations the community can create innovations such as making agro-tourism about rubber and oil palm plantations.


Agrotourism is one of the business enterprises in agriculture by emphasizing the sale of services to consumers. The form of these services can be in the form of beauty, tranquility and education. In Indonesia, agrotourism or agrotourism is defined as a form of tourism activity that utilizes agro-business (agribusiness) as a tourist attraction with the aim of expanding knowledge, experience, recreation and business relations in the agricultural sector.(Sofiana et al., 2017)

Agro-tourism must be implemented, because agro-tourism can really support the income of the community.Talang Sebaris Village is one of the villages in Air Periukan District, Seluma Regency. The distance from the village to the sub-district center is about 12 km. The area of ​​the village is about ± 847, 28 Ha. Examining the data presented by BPS Seluma (2021) that the total population of Talang Sebaris Village is around 928 people. The average population works in the agricultural sector with plantation commodities being the main source of livelihood.

The agricultural potential in Talang Sebaris village is oil palm and rubber. The development of agro-tourism is adjusted to the capabilities, typology, and ecological functions of the land.

By utilizing the existing oil palm and rubber plantations, it can attract visitors to visit the village of Talang Sebaris. With the addition of a swimming pool and a cow race, it will be a unique experience for visitors. Visitors can learn directly about oil palm plantations and rubber plantations directly from farmers, thereby increasing the experience and knowledge of visitors.

The development of agro-tourism by placing agro-tourism as an empowerment of farming communities is expected to gain added value, both in terms of agricultural products and from tourist visits. so that there is a double effect of the absorption of agricultural products by tourism businesses with local scale development by determining the agro-tourism area by the government as a region or area of ​​development and inventory of agro-tourism strengths by synergizing between the community, the business world and local government, the role of tourism institutions and agricultural institutions in fostering agrotourism, so that it can increase the added value of agricultural commodities to become one of the attractions for tourists to visit by enjoying the aesthetics and natural beauty of plantations and local agricultural land.

However, agro-tourism in Talang Sebaris Village is not yet developed enough, this can be seen from the location and village facilities that are not adequate, both roads and other supporting facilities.

Specifically, there are no problems in the development of community empowerment-based agro-tourism in Talang Sebaris Village, Air Periukan District, Seluma Regency, but the following are presented some common problems faced by the people of Talang Sebaris Village, Seluma Regency related to agro-tourism development, namely:

  1. Lack of human resources, there is still a lack of human resources in agro-tourism management where the community must have an educational background in their field and have extensive experience in managing their work.
  2. Have not identified agricultural areas, Talang Sebaris Village has not identified agricultural areas that will be used as agro-tourism areas.
  3. Inadequate facilities, the results of various agricultural commodities that are used as objects of visits need to be supported by the availability of facilities and infrastructure such as roads/access to agro-tourism areas. However, the facilities needed to support services to tourists such as public facilities (toilet), restaurants, information and communication rooms and transportation facilities in Talang Sebaris Village are not sufficient.
  4. The farming tradition has not yet developed, the traditional values ​​of farming in Talang Sebaris Village have not been developed as agro-tourism potential.
  5. The community has not realized the potential of the village, Talang Sebaris Village has a lot of tourism potential. However, the people of Talang Sebaris Village have not seen this as a potential village that should jointly be able to help each other increase tourism promotion to tourists outside the region.

To overcome problems related to the development of agro-tourism in Talang Village in this line, there are several solutions that can be done, namely:

  1. Provide counseling related to agro-tourism methods.
  2. Provide knowledge about the development of tourism villages and the creative economy.
  3. Provide knowledge about agro-tourism marketing system.
  4. Provide knowledge about plant/plant science for the development of information to visitors (tourists).

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