Agribusiness Master Degree S-2 Study Program becomes a reputable institution in the education accomplishment and the development of coast and tropical agribusiness in 2025



Agribusiness Master S-2 Study Program’s Missions are as this following:

  1. Organizing high quality and highly competitive post-graduate program in the progressive and continuity coast and tropical agribusiness field.
  2. Developing science and technology in coast and tropical agribusiness field to support the performance of education program and society economic development based on coast and tropical agribusiness.
  3. Maintaining partnership with international, national, and regional institutions, agribusiness businessmen, and society who support improving Human Resources quality.
  4. Organizing decent, clean, and accountable agribusiness post-graduate study program.



The objectives of the Agribusiness Master Degree S-2 study program are:

  1. Developing adaptive learning system and oriented to agribusiness implementation and based on Student Centered Learning;
  2. Developing the curriculum based on stakeholders’ needs, science and technology development, and oriented to more competitive future needs;
  3. Maintaining open, communicative, and participative academic culture and atmosphere;
  4. Developing quality guarantee system in every organizing program;
  5. Generating Science Masters in Agribusiness who have problem analysis work ability (professional), and managerial based on ethics and applied norms;
  6. Designing and developing a research roadmap based on the national research strategy, stakeholders’ needs, and lecturers needs;
  7. Increasing quantity and quality of research from the process and the result aspect;
  8. Performing dissemination on the research result in scientific forums and journals in national and international level;
  9. Improving journal quality in the department as media for students and lecturers’ research results dissemination;
  10. Establishing the research program network with institutions in local, regional, national, ASEAN regional, and international;
  11. Generating Science Masters in agribusiness field who are able to organize research and agribusiness development relevant to society needs and science technology development;
  12. Improving institution’s participation and synergy in giving service for society;
  13. Developing effective service model for society;
  14. Establishing and improving the image of institution in society;
  15. Creating Agribusiness Post-graduate Study Program as superior educational institution which is able to face society’s demand, national development, and global change;
  16. Creating and increasing partnership in order to do the dissemination of agribusiness development results in order to empower society;
  17. Developing academic service system, administration, and independent physical facility, transparent, and accountable; and
  18. Improving human resources quality, educational forces, and lecturers through trainings, comparative study, and further study.