Comminity Serivice of Poultry Biosecurity

Comminity Serivice of Poultry Biosecurity


“University of Bengkulu’s Faculty of Agriculture Takes the Lead in Empowering Poultry Farmers: Extensive Biosecurity Education in Kelurahan Bentiring”


“In a collaborative effort with local farmers, the University’s Department of Natural Resources Management conducts an impactful extension service on safeguarding poultry health.”

**Kelurahan Bentiring, Bengkulu City – [Date]:**

In a commendable initiative to fortify the local poultry industry, the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Bengkulu’s Department of Natural Resources Management orchestrated a comprehensive extension service on the critical subject of poultry biosecurity. The enlightening session unfolded in a dedicated poultry farmer’s group meeting in Kelurahan Bentiring, Bengkulu City.

**University-led Biosecurity Education for Farmers:**

The extension service, led by a dynamic team from the University, sought to impart vital knowledge to poultry farmers regarding the importance of biosecurity. With the primary goal of shielding poultry and farmers from potential human and animal diseases, the initiative emphasized the significance of proactive measures.

**In-Depth Training Highlights:**

1. **Expert-Led Sessions:** Professors and experts from the University’s Faculty of Agriculture guided the farmers through in-depth sessions on biosecurity fundamentals, disease prevention, and risk mitigation strategies.

2. **Hands-On Demonstrations:** The extension service incorporated practical demonstrations, allowing farmers to actively engage in implementing biosecurity measures. Topics included proper waste disposal, farm access restrictions, and maintaining a hygienic environment.

3. **Identification of Common Diseases:** Farmers were educated on identifying early signs of prevalent poultry diseases, empowering them to take prompt action in case of an outbreak.

**Community Collaboration for Poultry Welfare:**

The interactive meeting witnessed enthusiastic participation from the local farming community, highlighting a strong sense of collaboration. Farmers actively shared their experiences, creating a vibrant platform for the exchange of knowledge.

**University Commitment to Community Welfare:**

The Department of Natural Resources Management at the University of Bengkulu reiterated its commitment to community development by actively engaging with local farmers. The extension service is part of an ongoing effort to bridge the gap between academic expertise and practical, on-the-ground needs.

**Positive Outlook for Local Poultry Industry:**

The acquired knowledge from the extension service is anticipated to catalyze positive change in the local poultry industry. By implementing biosecurity best practices, farmers can enhance the overall health and productivity of their poultry stocks.

**Continued Collaboration:**

Encouraged by the success of the extension service, the University expressed its dedication to continuing such collaborative initiatives, ensuring the sustained growth and resilience of the local farming community.

In essence, the extension service conducted by the University of Bengkulu’s Faculty of Agriculture stands as a testament to the transformative power of education in safeguarding both poultry and the livelihoods of farmers in Kelurahan Bentiring.

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