NAME: Dr. Indra Cahyadinata, SP, M.Si (scopus, google scholar)

Position: Associate Professor

Current Office Address: Bachelor in Agribusiness Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu


Phone: 0736 21170 psw 220 / 0736-21290


Working experience:

Nu. Position Year
1 WD 2 Faperta Unib 2020-now
2 WR 2 Faperta Unib 2012-2016
3 Sekretaris Jurusan Agribisnis 2008-2012


1. Agricultural Development and Policy (S3)

2. Production and Operations Management (S2)

3. Coastal and Marine Biological Resources (S2)

4. Human Resource Management (S1)

5. Evaluation of Agricultural Projects (S1)

6. Perenc. Agricultural Area Development (S1)

7. Introduction to Agribusiness (S1)

8. Agribusiness Management (S1)

9. Production and Operations Management (S1)

10. Agricultural Social Research Methods (S1)

Research Interest: Agribusiness

Research Project:

1) Study on the Management of Biological Resources Conservation Areas in Bengkulu Province Bapelitbang Bengkulu Province

2) Performance and Satisfaction Level of Business Actor in Tilapia Supply Chain System in Bengkulu Province

3) Farmers’ Participation and Institutional Roles in Payment of Irrigation Water Resources Services Based on Local Wisdom in the Upper Musi River Basin

4) Study of Bio-physical, Socio-Economic and Management Strategies for the Dusun Besar Lake Conservation Area in Bengkulu Bapelitbang Bengkulu Province

5) Internet Media Penetration and Digital Literacy Model for Bengkulu Province Community Regarding COVID-19 Information in Health Emergency


Nu. Year Publication Tittle Volume/Number Journal
1 2021 The study of structure and population parameters of mud crab (Scylla serrata) on small outer islands in Indonesia (case study: Enggano Island, Bengkulu Province) 14(4) : 2493-2503 AACL Bioflux
2 2021 Enhanced fisher job satisfaction and loyalty for sustainable fisheries development in Bengkulu, Indonesia 744 (012033) : 1-8   IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science
3 2021 Food Access Ability and Performance of Fishing Fisheries in Bengkulu City, Indonesia   13 : 427-432   Prosiding Advances in Biological Sciences Research – Atlantis Press
4 2021 Pelatihan Pembuatan Vermikompos di Desa Lokasi Baru Kecamatan Air Periukan Kabupaten Seluma   1(1) : 41-46 ICOMES: Indonesian Journal of Community Empowerment and Service
5 2021 Pemanfaatan Ruang Terbuka Berwawasan Lingkungan Hidup Di Era New Normal   1(2): 60-67 Altifani Journal: International Journal of Community Engagement
6 2021 Perception, participation, food security and community welfare around urban conservation area. Case study: Dusun Besar Lake Bengkulu, Indonesia 14(1):506-518 AACL Bioflux (Q3)
7 2020 Customer Satisfaction and the Willingness to Pay for Cleaner Water to Sustain Clean Water Supply in Bengkulu City, Indonesia Prosiding International Conference on Science, Technology, and Environment
8 2020 Strategi Pengembangan Ekonomi Wilayah Berbasis Komoditas Unggulan: Studi Kasus Kabupaten Kepahiang, Provinsi Bengkulu, Indonesia ISBN 978-602-74809-1-9 : 38- 45   Prosiding Semnas Agribisnis 2020 Faperta Univ Khairun
9 2020 Descriptive, Correlation Analysis and Analytical Hierarchy Process of Coastal Community Empowerment of Bengkulu City, Indonesia 10(3) : 1304-1310 IJASEIT (Q2)
10 2020 Evaluation of mud crab utilization in small outermost island (Case study : Enggano Island, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia) 420(012008) : 1-9   IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science (Scopus)
11 2019 Perception and Participation of Fishermen in The Sustainable Management of Mud Crabs on The Outermost Small Island (Case Study: Enggano Island, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia) 9(4): 1330-1336 IJASEIT (Q2)
12 2019 Household welfare of mud crab fishermen in small outermost islands. Case study: Enggano Island, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia 12(2): 564-574   AACL – International Journal of the Bioflux Society (Q3)
13 2019 Food security and multidimensional poverty of mud crab fishermen household in small and outer islands of Indonesia. Case study: Enggano Island, Bengkulu Province 12(4): 1196-1207   AACL – International Journal of the Bioflux Society (Q3)