NAME: Dr. Irma Badarina, S.Pt., MP (scopus, google scholar)

Position: Asscociate Professor

Current Office Address:  Departement of Animal Husbandary Faculty of Agriculture University Bengkulu


Phone: 081367633947


  • Bachelor Degree: Faculty of Animal Science Bogor Agriculture University (1994)  
  • Master Degree :   University Andalas (1998)
  • Doctoral Degree :  Bogor Agriculture University (2013)

Working experience:

  • University Bengkulu, 1997- now


  • Basics Animal Nutrition, Meat and Animal Drought Power Production, Meat and Drought Power animal Management, Practical Works

Research Interest:
–  Ruminant Feed and Nutrition

Research Project:

  • Evaluation of Nutrient Value and The Digestibility of Palm Oil Sludge Fermented with P.Ostreatus as Ruminant Concentrate (2019-2020)
  • Supplementation of Indigofera and Melastoma Leaves as Methane Mitigator with Fermented Palm Oil Solid Concentrate as Base Diet to Get Environtmentally Friendly Ruminant Production (2021)


  • Characteristic of rumen fermentability and invitro digestibility of palm oil sludge (solid) treated with Pleurotus fungi (INTEGRATED CATTLE AND OIL-PALM PRODUCTION (ICOP) CONFERENCE 2019 “Promoting Profitable Cattle and Oil-Palm Integration” Jakarta, 23 October 2019 . BBPT, BKPM, Australia-Government)
  • ResponFisiologisSapi Fries Holland Laktasi Yang DiberiRansumdenganKonsentratMengandungKulit Durian  (Duriozibethinus)DifermentasiPleurotusostreatus (Jurnal Sain Peternakan Indonesia Vol14 No.1 Januari-Maret2019)
  • Milk Production and Fatty Acids Balance of Dairy Goat Fed Diet with
    Fermented Durio zibethinus Peel (Endang Sulistyowati1*, Irma Badarina, Sigit Mujiharjo) (Jurnal Ilmu dan Peternakan Tropis (JITRO), Vol 3(8):319-327)
  • Performance of Cattle Fed with Fermented Solid Decanter as Concentrate Diet (The2nd ISEPROLOCAL-Fak.Pertanian Univ. Bengkulu Oktober 2020)
  • Nutrient Digestibility of Ration Containing Concentrate with Seed Flour and Fermented Peel Flour of Durio zibethinus in Dairy Cow(Endang Sulistyowati1, Irma Badarina, Bintang Satria Mandala1, Ahmad Fauzi)  (Proceedings of the International Conference on Improving Tropical Animal Production for Food Security (ITAPS 2021) Advances in Biological Sciences Research, volume 20).