Forestry Laboratory was established in 1992, and is assigned to provide services to support academic and research activities of lecturers, students, researchers, and others. At the beginning of its establishment and until now, the Forestry Laboratory continues to be committed to continuing to provide the best service for the Bengkulu University academic community, researchers, forestry and environmental companies, government agencies and other parties who need survey and analysis services in the forestry sector and other natural resource management. .

Currently, the Forestry Laboratory is determined to always develop towards a reliable and professional laboratory service. The management and development of the Forestry Laboratory must be carried out with a mature and measurable strategy. Its function as a unit that manages the practicum and research of students/lecturers, makes the Forestry Laboratory to be developed in line with advances in science and technology in the field of forestry and the management of natural resources and the environment.


A. Vision

“The realization of a Forestry Laboratory that has excellent service in supporting academic activities and the development of the forestry and environmental sectors in Bengkulu Province”

B. Mission

1. Organizing excellent service to support academic activities at Bengkulu University

2. Provide services for the Bengkulu University academic community in improving academic and research achievements.

3. Provide professional services for environmental and forestry sector stakeholders in Bengkulu Province who need it as a manifestation of community service activities.

C. Goals

1.Reinforcement of Laboratory ManagerThe establishment of a professional laboratory management
2.Improving the quality of laboratory human resources1. Obtained certification of Human Resources expertise in laboratory and other fields 2. Laboratory human resources are able to provide excellent service to the academic community and stakeholders
3.Fulfillment of excellent laboratory serviceUsers obtain a high level of satisfaction


The organizational structure of the Forestry Laboratory consists of the head of the laboratory, division coordinator, laboratory assistant and administrative staff.

Head of Laboratory                                                       : M. Fajrin Hidayat, S. Hut,M. Si.

Divion Coordinator of Manajemen Hutan          : Dr. Gunggung Senoaji, S. Hut, MP

Divion Coordinator of Silvikultur                             :  Ir. Putranto BA Nugroho, M. Sc.

Divion Coordinator of Konservasi SDH              : Prof. Dr. Agus Susatya, M. Sc.

Divion Coordinator of Pengolahan Hasil Hutan: Prof. Dr. Ridwan Yahya, M. Sc.

Laboratory Assistant                                                     :  Suroto, S. Pt (PLP Madya).

                                                                                                  Zen Prahdana, S. Hut

Administrative Staff                                                       :  Paka Mutiara Anugrah, S. Hut.

  • In addition, to support reliable and professional laboratory services, the Forestry Laboratory is supported by lecturers from the Department of Forestry with various qualifications of expertise in the field of forestry and natural resource management and the environment.
  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Wiryono, M.Sc. (Ekologi Hutan)
  • Prof. Dr.Ir. Agus Susatya, M.Sc.(Konservasi Sumberdaya Hutan)
  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Ridwan Yahya,M.Sc. (Pengolahan Hasil Hutan)
  • Dr. Ir. Hery Suhartoyo, M. Sc. (Reklamasi Pasca Tambang)
  • Dr.Ir. Enggar Aprianto, M.Sc.(Perlindungan Hutan)
  • Ir. Putranto BAN, M.Sc. (Silvikultur)
  • Dr. Ir. Nani Nuriyatin, M.Si. (Pengolahan Hasil Hutan)
  • Dr.Drs. Wahyudi Arianto, M.Si.(Dendrologi)
  • Ir. Deselina, MP (Silvikultur)
  • Ir. Edi Suharto, MP. (Hidrologi Hutan)
  • Ir. Guswarni Anwar, MP, Ph.D. (Silvikultur)
  • Dr. Gunggung Senoaji,S.Hut.MP (Manajemen Sumberdaya Hutan)
  • Siswahyono, S. Hut, MP (Perhutanan Sosial)
  • Dr. Erniwati, S. Hut, M. Sc. (Konservasi Sumberdaya Hutan)
  • Dr. Yansen, S.Hut, M.Sc. (Ekofisiologi Tumbuhan)
  • M. Fajrin Hidayat, S.Hut. M.Si. (Geomatika dan GIS)
  • Saprinurdin, S.Hut, M.For.Sc (Silvikultur)
  • Efratenta Katherina Depari, S. Hut, M. Si. (Silvikultur)
  • Agung Hasan Lukman, S.Si., M.I.L.  (Ilmu Lingkungan)
  • Hefri Oktoyoki, S. Hut, M. Si (Perhutanan Sosial)


Testing and analysis

1. Identification of plant species (Trees and understorey)

2. Estimation and monitoring of wildlife

3. Soil physics analysis: Structure, Consistency, Permeability, Porosity, Volume, Weight, Specific gravity,  Soil Moisture Content, Soil Texture (quick print), and Infiltration.

4. Carbon Analysis

5.Wood Chemical Analysis: extractive content analysis, lignin, holocellulose, alpha-cellulose

6. Physical Properties of Wood: water content, specific gravity, wood shrinkage, wood density.

 7. Pulp • pulping:  yield value analysis, kappa number,  alkaline consumption.

8. Making charcoal using double bunner pyrolysis method

9. Spatial Analysis and Modeling

Consulting and Training

The Forestry Laboratory provides consulting and training services in various aspects of forestry scientific development, natural resource management, environmental management, surveys and mapping, spatial modeling, etc.


Along with the rapid development of forestry and environmental science, the Forestry Laboratory will continue to make various efforts to achieve the vision, mission, and goals. The programs and activities to be carried out by the Forestry Laboratory can be seen in the following table.

PROGRAM/ACTIVITY PLAN20222023202420252026
Pengembangan kelembagaan     
Pembentukan divisi spesialisasi keilmuan kehutanan     
Pengembangan SDM Laboratorium     
1. Pengadaan/rekrutmen tenaga administrasi dan tata usaha laboratorium     
2. Pengadaan/rekrutmen Laboran/PLP     
3. Pelatihan dan pengembaangan profesi laboran     
4. Sertifikasi Keahlian Laboran     
Peningkatan dan Manajemen Aset Laboratorium     
1.Peningkatan kualitas gedung/ruangan     
2.Pengadaan gedung/ruangan baru     
3. Perluasan dan peningkatan persemaian     
4.Pembangunan rumah kaca     
5.Perbaikan dan peingkatan jaringan kelistrikan     
6. Perbaikan dan peingkatan jaringan air     
7.Pengadaan mebelair     
8.Pengadaan sistem informasi dan manajemen aset dan peralatan     
9. Pembaruan katalog aset, peralatan dan instrumen laboratoriuim     
10.Penyusunan SOP pengoperasian peralatan dan penggunaan bahan     
11. Pengadaan peralatan baru     
Akreditasi dan sertifikasi layanan laboratorium     

List of Equipment

NoNama AlatSpecifiksi Teknis /  Merk /TypeJmlKondisiRuangan/Lemari/Kotak
1AcecoriesSemua alat1K
2Air Quality testerJLDG, JD-30022D
3Alat penyiram otomatisno brand1box E
4Alat PruningManual2F
5AltimeterMingle2box E
8Aquarium HeaterAmara HT-50, type pen1C
9Barthicnes testerNo.596752box E
10Bitterlich Treemeter403.6259box E
11Caliper digital1C
12Caliper (Jangka Sorong)Krisbow, Kwo 6-692D
13Chain Saw070/MS 7201J
16Clinometer 1D
17Desikator 4Tek. Kayu
18Dew point HygrometerHANNA HI 95651A
19Digital camerabinokulerPoisant zoom12x, HD Video 1080P11C
20Digital microscopeModel USB 1000x zoom Black1C
21Double Burner 1Pribadi
23Elektrothermal 1Tek. Kayu
24fiben/meteran jahit150 cm12box I
25fiben/meteran jahit100 m1box I
26GPSGarmin 78s3D
27GPSGarmin 78s1Ekologi
28Grain Moisture testerSmart sensor AR.9911C
30Grinder 1Tek.Kayu
32Hand RefractometerHT 212 ATC2B
33HandycamSONY, DCR-TRV480E11F
35HygrometerHanna, HI 956651A
36HygrometerBNQ1box E
37HygrometerHTC-2,1box E
38HygrometerUni T  UT.3336B
40HygrometerGM 1360 A (USB)1F
41HygrometerGM 1360 A (USB)1F
42Kaca Pembesar 1
45Kompor listrikmerah1H
46Lampu Petromak 1A
47Lampu UV 1box E
48Leaf Area MeterModel LI-3000C, No.PAM-32671B
49LightmeterVWR1box E
50LightmeterSUNCHE HS 10101box E
52Luxmetersper scientific84002011F
53Magnifier/kaca pembesarØ 100 mm12B
54Magnifier/kaca pembesarØ 70 mm  90902B
55Magnifier/kaca pembesarØ 75 mm5B
56Magnifier/kaca pembesar Ø 50 mm3B
57Meteran GulungStainlis Steel 100 m SI6box I
58Meteran Gulung30 m , MATSU1Box I
59Microscopedigital mini (HOT)1F
60MicroscopeBinokuler, IM 910 B , No. Seri :2013/01-1091121
61MicroscopeBinokuler, No Seri : 0008081
62MicroscopeBinokuler, Olympus, Model : CK 22 LEDRFS11
63MicroscopeBinokuler, Model, BM-180, No Seri : 0008051
64MicroscopeBinokuler, IM 910 B ; No seri :2013/01-1091231
65MicroscopeBinokuler, IM 910 B, No.Seri : 2013/01-1091131
66MicroscopeBinokuler, XSZ-107B, No.0117101
67MicroscopeBinokuler, IM 910 B, No.Seri : 2013/01-1091241
68MicroscopeBinokuler, BM-180, No Seri : 0007871
69MicroscopeBinokuler, IM 910 B, No Seri : 2013/01-1092001
70MicroscopeBinokuler, Olympus, Model : CX22LEDDRFS1, T3 SN 4B 851101
71MicroscopeBinokuler, Olympus, Model : CX22LEDDRFS1, T3 SN 4B 854321
72MicroscopeBinokuler, IM 910 B, No Seri : 2013/01-1092141
73MicroscopeBinokuler, IM 910 B, No Seri : 2013/01-101121
74MicroscopeBinokuler, CARTON DSZ44, Type SCWPF1
75MicroscopeBinokuler, XSZ-107B, No Seri : 0131431
76MicroscopeBinokuler, CARTON, CST-101
77MicroscopeBinokuler, CARTON, DSZ-44, Type : SCW-PF1
78MicroscopeBinokuler, Model IM-SZ 500-B-ST2, No Seri:2013/01-757781
79MicroscopeBinokuler, CARTON1
80MicroscopeBinokuler, CARTON1
81MicroscopeBinokuler, Model IM-SZ 500-B-ST2, No Seri:2013/01-757811
82MicroscopeBinokuler, Model IM-SZ 500-B-ST2 No.Seri : 2013/01-757811
83MicroscopeBinokuler, Model IM-SZ 500-B-ST2 No.Seri : 2013/01-757891
84MicroscopeBinokuler, IM-SZ 500-B-ST2 NoSeri : 2013/01-75764
85MicroscopeBinokuler, BOECO Model  BTB 3 AG0900335571
86Microscope Binokuler, BOECO Model BTB 3 AG.0000931
87MicroscopeBinokuler, IRMECO Model IM-SZ 500-B-ST2 No.Seri : 2013/01-757641
88MicroscopeBinokuler,  DSW 10X/ 23-01lab bawah
89MicroscopeBinokuler, IRMECO Model IM-SZ 500-B-…1lab bawah
90MicroscopeBinokuler, BM 180 No.0007851lab atas
91MicroscopeBinokuler,IRMECO, model IM-SZ500-B-ST2, No Seri : 2013/01-757881
92MicroscopeOkuler, Olympus HSC 624689 manual16
93MicroscopeBinokuler, IM 910 B, No.Seri : 2013/01-1092111
94Mikrotom 1Pribadi
95MultitesterSANWA YX-360 TRE1B
96Munsel Color chart plantplant3C
97Munsel Soil Color Chartssoil2C
98Optilab 1C
100OvenMemmert1lab atas
101OvenMEMMERT UM 301lab bawah
104pH metertype pen, mode PH-009(1)A1C
105pH meterHANNA HI 991212C
106pH meterPH 320, portable set 21F
107pH meterdigital, portable, consort2D
108Pisau Bedah 19box E
109Pisau Okulasi 6box E
110Pisau Pruning 3box E
112Planimeterddigital, placom,KOIZUMI, Type KP 90N2A
114Planimeterlasico / manual2A
115Portable RefractometerATCB
116Rain log 1Ekologi
117Ring Sampelstainlis steel 20F
118Ring sampelØ 4 cm besi200Ekologi
119Ring Sampelbesi Ø 4 cm besi200gudang
120Sea Water RefractometerHANNA,HI 968224B
121Sling Psicrometer 1box E
122Soil Moisture testerDelmhosst-KS-DI48674Ekologi
123Soil pH teskitHI 99121, HANNA1G
124Soil tester 4box E
125Solar Power MeterPCE-SPM 12tlbox E
126Solar Power MeterPCE-SPM 11Ekologi
127StereoscopeType F-71 No.Seri.14145 TopCon2A
129TDS metermodel pen TDS-32D
131Tenda Dom 2Ekologi
132TeropngRiflehunter 1000. NIKON2C
133TeropongAction Binokuler, 8x40CF, NIKON1D
134Teropongwildlife pro 10,5×282Ekologi
135Teropong DCF 8×21, 136mmx1000 mm1C
136Teropong BinoculerNIKON1C
137Theodolit 1G
138Thermometer Max-Min63box E
139Thermometer batang 2box E
140Thermometer infra redKIMO, KI ray 20010C
141Thermometer infra redkiray 2003Ekologi
142Thermometer infra red-50-380 derajad celcius (orange)1D
143Timbangan AnalitikAND, Balance,FY-600, Cap. 0,01 g1lab bawah
144Timbangan AnalitikRadwag  wps1lab bawah
145Timbangan AnalitikAND  GF-30001lab bawah
146Timbangan AnalitikKERN1lab atas
147Timbangan digitaldigital profeisional lab. 500gx0,01 g1C
148Timbangan digitaldigital  profesional. Cap.50 gx0,001 g1C
149Timbangan gantung50 kg x 200 g, KHOHEX1H
150Timbangan KueCap. 5 kg (biru)1H
151Timer Pengatur lampuKaiser1box E
152Water Bath 1Tek. Kayu
153Water Flow MeterFlow Watch11Ekologi
154Water PurificationsMembranepure1lab bawah
156Wood chip Moisture testerWCT Agratonix2Ekologi

Keterangan: B) baik, RR)rusak ringan, BB)rusak berat, TL)tidak lengkap