Gedang Lake is a Unique Tourist Attraction

Gedang Lake is a Unique Tourist Attraction

Gedang Lake is located in Padang Betuah Village, Pondok Kelapa District, Central Bengkulu Regency. Access to get to this location is also not too difficult. This tourist area is approximately 25 km from the center of Bengkulu City.

It is called Lake Gedang Beach, because the lake is close to the beach, only about 30 meters away. The beauty and uniqueness displayed by this tourist attraction is its location close to the beach. You can imagine a lake that is directly adjacent to the sea like an estuary that is very wide but still separated by a stretch of sand of about 30 meters, it will be beautiful and unique in its natural natural potential. To pamper visitors, this location has provided a place to relax in the form of a gazebo, toilet, prayer room and also a meeting hall. If you want to fill your stomach, don’t worry, there are stalls there that provide various kinds of food and drinks.

Apart from enjoying the beauty of the lake and the open coast with its cool breeze, what is also one of the attractions at Lake Gedang Beach is the magnificent evening and pre-dawn views.

Apart from beauty, there are unique traditions carried out at this lake. This tradition is often called the Split Lake Tradition or Broken Lake and this tradition is carried out by native people using traditional tools. This tradition is usually carried out when the lake water is high. Residents will build piles of sand as a barrier between the lake water and sea water. The barrier was deliberately made with a size of approximately half a meter to one meter.

To enter the location, visitors only need to provide IDR 10,000 per car or IDR 5,000 per motorbike.

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