The Magister in Natural and Environmental Resources Management (MNR) student admission is conducted independently based on the Regulation of the Rector of Unib Number 25 of 2020 (CLICK HERE.) which is different from the undergraduate student admission at FP Unib. However, it is still in line with the academic calendar of FP Unib. MNR requires that the applicants are bachelors or graduates of all undergraduate study programmes. The admission of new MNR students is conducted every semester. Stage 1, the administrative selection requires: 1) the legalised copy of the latest diploma; 2) the legalised copy of the transcripts; 3) the curriculum vitae and work experiences; 4) two recommendation letters; and 5) the minimum GPA=2.75. Stage 2, academic selection includes English test, academic potential test (henceforth TPA –Tes Potensi Akademik), and interviews. The MNR study programme appeals to more applicants compared to similar postgraduate programmes at Unib. This is proven by the data showing that there were 74 applicants of MNR before the Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020. The decrease in 2020 was due to Covid-19 outbreak. However, it was still in a positive trend because it started to increase again in 2021