Magister in Natural and Environmental Resources Management (MNR) is different from the study programmes of bachelor degree which are managed by the department. MNR, on the other hand, is directly managed by the faculty. Hence, the management of MNR involves the lecturers. The faculty has the MNR facilities and all the laboratory facilities. The study programme also has several rooms: four separate classrooms the head, administration and lecturer rooms. The classrooms have air conditioners and class equipment (whiteboard and LCD projector). Because of the nature of MNR multidisciplinary backgrounds and the students with various backgrounds, the study programme involves lecturers from other study programmes. It also uses infrastructure from various study programmes and departments of Agriculture Faculty in the teaching and learning process. Generally, laboratory equipment that MNR students can use is under the management of the laboratory of each department.

All facilities and infrastructure at University of Bengkulu (Unib) can be accessed by MNR students, for instance, sports buildings, health clinics, FP reading rooms, and Unib Library. MNR students can utilise internet access throughout the University, so students have easy access to the internet. Every student has an academic advisor for consultation on their academic problems. Some studies collaborate with the lecturer and student research. Student research outputs are reflected in the publication of student works, either written by themselves or collaborated with the lecturers.