Ir. Hery Suhartoyo, M.Sc., Ph.D

Ir. Hery Suhartoyo, M.Sc., Ph.D

Asscociate Professor

Natural Resources and the Environment, Rehabilitation and SIG

Office address  : Department of Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu

Email                 :

Phone                : +62-81377560207

2008    : Ph.D in Mined Land and Forest Rehabilitation., University of Queensland, Australia
1992    : M.S. in Forest Ecology., School of Natural Resources University of Minnesota, US
1986    : B.S. in Forestry., University of Gadjah Mada, Indonesia


Working Experience
Teaching staff, Dept. of Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, Univ. of Bengkulu

Introduction to Natural Resources and the Environment
Forest Ecosystem Dynamics
Forest Policy
Research methods
Habitat Rehabilitation Conservation
Geographic Information System
Outdoor Education for Natural Sciences

Research Interest
Natural Resources and the Environment, Rehabilitation and SIG

Research Project


Title Source Of Funds


2017-18 Development of Landscape Function Analysis for evaluation of ecosystem restoration of ex-mining land DRPM Leader
2019 Study of Potential and Policy Aspects of Use of Special Purpose Areas (KHDTK) Bengkulu University UNIB Leader
2019 Initial study on the development of Eco-Edu Park as a Bengkulu University STP area UNIB Leader
2020 The precision of the criticality model of the water catchment area to anticipate flooding in the western part of Bengkulu Province UNIB Member
2020 Study of the flood in the Air Hitam area and its alternative solutions PLN Member

Community Service Experience


Title Source of funds


2012 Member of the Expert Council of the Ex-Mining Land Reclamation Forum – Jakarta Voluntary Member
2013 Team Coordinator ARG Environment and Natural Disaster Aust.Awards Leader
2018 Deputy Chairperson of the Prov. Social Forestry Working Group. Bengkulu KLHK Member
2020 Empowerment of coffee farmers in the Agroforestry system in Ujan mas Atas Kepahyang village UNIB Leader




Title Journal Title


1. Evaluating rehabilitation of sand mined site at Tomago NSW: measuring success and its criteria. Australian Centre for Geomechanics; Special Publication 1,/2006 Pain Author
2. Trajectory of forest restoration on sand mined site JKMRC-UQ Bulletin Vol X-SE: 156-168. Pain Author
3. Litter production and   Decomposition rate in the reclaimed mined land under albizia and sesbaina stands and their effects on some soil chemical properties Jurnal Tanah Tropika Vol 16 (1)/2011 Second Author
4. Returning biodiversity of rehabilitated forest on a coal mine site at Tanjung Enim, South Sumatra Biodiversitas Vol 13 (2012): 13-17 Pain Author
5. Diversity of soil organic carbon and water characteristics under different vegetation types in northern Bengkulu, Indonesia Biodiversitas  Vol 21 (5) (2020): 1793-1799 Second Author
6. Assesment of Air Bengkulu (Indonesia) watershed based on agroecosystem landscape quality and sustainable land use plan Biodiversitas Vol 21 (11) (2020) : 5422-5430 Fourth Author

Seminars and Presentations


Paper Title



Stand development in 14 year old restoration forest in Mine site International Seminar ICB, Solo.
        2017 Ecosystem development and the use of oldgrowth rehabilitated mine site for agroforestry Internasional seminar on Current Development on Mine Reclamation, Palembang


Assessment of unexpected mine closure towards sustainable landscape: Case of a coal mining Lease at Central Bengkulu ISEPROLOCAL, Bengkulu


Empowerment of coffee farmers using agroforestry patterns in Ujanmas Atas village, Kepahyang SemNas PPM, UPI Jakarta


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