Prof. Ir. Agus Susatya, M. Sc., Ph. D

Prof. Ir. Agus Susatya, M. Sc., Ph. D

Plant ecophysiology, tropical plant ecology, biodiversity, Rafflesia Conservation

Office address  : Department of Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Bengkulu

Email                 :

Phone                : +62-85236506354


2007    : Ph.D in Botany, University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Malaysia

1993    : M.S. in Botany, Management & Science University (MSU), Malaysia

1986    : B.S. in Forestry, University of Gadjah Mada, Indonesia



Working Experience

Teaching staff, Dept. of Forestry, Faculty of Agriculture, Univ. of Bengkulu



  1. Forest inventory
  2. Natural resource conservation
  3. Dendrology
  4. Ecology
  5. Ecosystem dynamics
  6. Wildlife management
  7. Quantitative ecology

Research Interest

Plant ecophysiology, tropical plant ecology, biodiversity, Rafflesia Conservation


Awards, Grants, Scholarships

2020    : Rafflesia Conservation Activist and initiator of the Conservation Care Forum in Bengkulu from Director General of Natural Resources and EcosystemConservation of the Indonesian government

2012    : Outstanding Lecturer I at University Level from University of Bengkulu


Research Project and Publication

Susatya, A.,   Arianto, W.,   and   Mat-Salleh, K.   2005.   Rafflesia   bengkuluensis (Rafflesiaceae), a new species from South Sumatra, Indonesia. Folia Malaysia 6 (3&4): 56- 72.

Wong, M., and Agus Susatya.  2007.  Rhizanthes, the forgotten flower.  Malaysian Naturalist 60:43-45.

Susatya, A. 2007. Taxonomy and ecology of Rafflesias in Bengkulu, Indonesia. Ph.D Dissertation. Faculty of Science and Technology. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Malaysia.

Mat-Salleh, K., Mahyuni, R., Susatya., A and Veldkamp. J.F. 2010.  Rafflesia lawangensis (Rafflesiaceae), a new species from Bukit Lawang, Gunung Leuser National Park, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Reinwardtia 13 (2): 152-159.

Susatya, Agus. 2010. The diversity and Richness of Tree species of Tambang Sawah Forest, Kerinci-Seblat National Park, Sumatra Indonesia, Journal of Biological researches 16 (1): 63-68

Susatya, Agus.  2010.  Preliminary studies on natural drugs-substance contents of tree species for HIV and Cancer in Kerinci-Seblat National Park. Jurnal Agriculture 17: 640-649.

Susatya, A., Sukisno, Ramdhan M. 2010.   Forest valuation study and dynamic model of environmental carrying capacity of villages around TNKS forest, Lebong Regency. National Strategic Research Grant 2009.

Efratenta K. Depari, Wiryono, dan Agus Susatya. 2015. Standing potential of onion wood (Dysoxylum mollissimum Blume) in a simple agroforestry system in North Bengkulu Regency. JOURNAL OF TROPICAL FORESTS. Vol 3. No 2: 166-172. (2015).

Susatya, A. Yansen.  2016. Dendrology of young Swietenia macrophylla and its variation of growth response to the past wet climate in Bengkulu. Biodiversitas 17 (2):466-472.

Susatya, A, Prandeka, F., Saprinurdin. 2017.  Population status of the endangered Rafflesia bengkuluensis. At Kaur Regency, Southern Bengkulu. The Botanical gradens Bulletins 20 (1): 43-50

Susatya,A. Hidayati SN, Mat-Salleh, K., Mahyuni. R. 2017. Ramenta morphology and its variation in Rafflesia (Rafflesiaceae).  Flora 230:390-46

Susatya, A. Hidayati SN, Riki. S. 2018.  Rafflesia kemumu (Rafflesiaceae), a new species from Northern Bengkulu, Sumatra, Indonesia. Phytotaxa 326.35.

Susatya, A. 2018. The potential risk of tree regeneration failure in species-rich TabaPenanjung lowland rain forest.Bengkulu Indonesia. Biodiversitas 19: 1891-1901.

Mutiara, I., Susatya, A.  Anwar G. 2018. The potential for the development of Bengkulu long beach tourism in the perspective of environmental conservation. Naturalist. Vol 7 No 2: 109-115 (2018).

Susanti, E., Susatya, A. Suhartoyo, H. 2018. The composition of vegetation and carbon stocks at the level of poles and trees in the Bukit Magic Natural Tourism area, Lubuk Linggau City TNKS utilization zone. Naturalist. Vol 7 No 1: 19-28. ( 2018).

Rida Novaida, Agus susatya, Yansen.  2019. Growth response of nyamplung (Calophyllum inophyllum L) seedlings in bio-containers from palm oil waste fiber. Naturalist Vol 8 No 2: 99-108. (2019).

Andrias Koko, Agus susatya, Enggar Apriyanto.2019.   Persepsi dan partisipasi nelayan dalam pengelolaan daerah perlindungan laut Sekunyit. Kab. Kaur Provinsi Bengkulu Naturalis. Vol 8 No 1:49-58. (2019).

Susatya, A. 2020. The growth of flower bud, life history, and population structure of Rafflesia arnoldi In Bengkulu, Sumatra Indonesia. Biodiversitas 21 (2):792-798.

Adhityo Wicaksono, Ghea Putri Cristy, Reza Raihandhany, Sofi Mursidawati, Jaime A. Teixeira Silva, Agus Susatya. 2021. Rizanthes, the forgotten Relative of Rafflesia in the Rafflesiaceae. The Botanical Review. Terbit online 18 May 2021

Lestari, D., dan Susatya, 2022. Morphological variation of Rafflesia zollengeriana Koord. And its recent distribution in East Java, Indonesia Biosaintifika 14 (1) (2022).


Susatya, A. 2011. Carbon pools and spacial variation of carbon sequestering capacity of Taba Penanjung Potection forest, Bengkulu. the international seminar Natural resources, climate change and food security in developing countries-ISNAR C2FS. UPN Jatim, Surabaya, 27-28 June 2011

Susatya, A., Sukmana A. 2014. Review: Variations in biomass content in various ecosystems in Sumatra. National seminar: Mitigation and adaptation to climate change towards sustainable forest and land management. 2014. Indonesian Climate Change and Forestry Expert Network. l: Pgs: 185-198. APIK -BP REDD+, Ministry of Forestry. Jakarta. 18-19 November 2014

Susatya, A. 2016. Decarbonization on small scale: lesson learnt with community through multi stakeholder processes: A long way to self-implementation of REDD+ at Air lanang Social Forestry, Rejang Lebong The 5 th  Annual Meeting of low carbon Asia Research Network. Locarnet. Bandung, Mei 2016

Susatya.  A.  2016.  The potential of carbon in protected forests and national parks in Sumatra challenges INDC and APIK. National seminar: Strengthening teaching and research on climate change: Bridging gap in implementation of mitigation and adaptation policies at national and subnational levels. Indonesian Climate Change and Forestry Expert Network, Jakarta, 31 August-1 September 2016.

Susatya., A. 2017. Social-economic modalities, non-rice farming activities and their roles on the vulnerability of climate change of villages surrounding Kerinci-Seblat. FoSSA International Conference 201. Jember 1-3 August 2017.

Susatya, A. Fitri. A. 2019. Vulnerability and its influencing factors to climate change of the villages around Kerinci Seblat National Park: A case study on Pinang Berlapis district. Bengkulu. Indonesia. SAFE 2019 International conference sustainable agriculture, Food, and Energy. Bangkok, 18-21 Oktober 2019.

Susatya, A. 2022. Conservation of Rafflesia in Bengkulu, Bengkulu. International webinar series: Conservation of Rafflesia in South East Asia, UMK, 22 april 2022.

Susatya, A.2022. Climate change:  Farmer’s perception, its impacts on agriculture production, and the resilience of farmer community of Kemumu, A village nearby Boven Lais Protection Forest, Northern Bengkulu, Bengkulu Indonesia. 30-31 July, 2022 Semarang, International conference on sustainable development goals the role of Higher education in achieving SDG’s.

New Type Discovery/Description
Rafflesia bengkuluensis  Susatya, Arianto, Mat-Salleh Folia Malaysiana (2005)
Rafflesia lawangensis Mat-Salleh, Mahyuni et Susatya Reindwartia (2010)
Rafflesia kemumu Susatya Hidayati et Riki Phytotaxa (2017)

Rafflesia : pesona Bunga terbesar di dunia. 2011.  Directorate of Conservation Areas and Protection of Protected Forests of the Indonesian government. Free download: › assets › publikasi › Ra… Perilaku dan Strategi tumbuhan dalam regenerasi hutan. 2012. Pertelon. Bengkulu.



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