1) The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) Guideline

2) Eropean Qualifications Framework of MNR. CLICK HERE.

3) BAN-PT Decree concerning Accreditation from Magister in Natural and Environmental Resources and Environmental Management. CLICK HERE.

4) For the General Examination Regulation Magister in Natural and Environmental Resources Management, follow the regulations issued by the University of Bengkulu, namely the rector’s regulation number 25 of 2020. CLICK HERE.

5) For the accreditation process document, the study program BAN-PT accreditation document is presented. These documents are in the form of self-evaluation documents and study program data. Self-evaluation document CLICK HERE and study program data document CLICK HERE.

6) The Process Major Program Review document can be seen in the Management Review Meeting (RTM) document for the Internal Quality Audit (AMI) of the Faculty of Agriculture. CLICK HERE.

7) The 2021 Program Evaluation Report of Magister in Natural and Environmental Resources Management is presented in the report document on the results of the internal quality audit (AMI) of the Faculty of Agriculture, Bengkulu University. CLICK HERE.

8) Road map of research and community service of Magister in Natural and Environmental Resources Management. CLICK HERE.

9) The Indonesian Qualification Framework document in Indonesian can be viewed here. Meanwhile, the UNIB Qualification Framework in Indonesian can be seen here.