In 2009, based on the Decree of the Dirjen DIKTI Number: 3119/D2.2/2009, the establishment of the Marine Science study program was approved by focusing on the development of marine and fisheries sciences. Currently, the Marine Science study program has been established for 11 years with B accreditation status based on the Decree of BAN-PT Number 10530/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-PPJ/S/VIII/2021.

The Marine Science stprogramamme aims to produce graduates who can explore and conserve marine resources and the environment. This purpose is achieved by independently and creatively utilizing observation instruments, scientific diving, mapping, marine information systems, marine acoustics, rehabilitation techniques, and biotechnology as the manifestation of the graduates’ adaptation ability to deal with environmental problems through specializations in marine studies, fisheries, coastal areas, and the deep seas.

In addition, Bachelor in Marine Science graduates master the theories of marine biology, marine ecology, oceanography, cartography/mapping, marine remote sensing, geographic information systems, marine acoustics, scientific diving, conservation, rehabilitation techniques, and biotechnology so that they can systematically identify and formulate solutions for the problems of exploration and conservation of resources and marine environment.