What is SNMPTN?

SNMPTN is a national selection system based on academic achievement screening by using students’ report sheets from semester 1 (one) to semester 5 (five) for Senior High School (Henceforth SMA – Sekolah Menengah Atas) / Islamic High School (henceforth MA – Madrasah Aliyah) or Vocational High School (henceforth SMK – Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan) and Vocational Islamic High School (henceforth MAK – Madrasah Aliyah Kejuruan) with a study period of 3 (three) years or semester 1 (one) to semester 7 (seven) for SMK with a study period of 4 (four) years, and an Academic Portfolio and other achievements while in SMA/SMK/MA/MAK that are relevant to the chosen Study Programmes. The government bears the selection fee so that student applicants are not charged a selection fee.

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What is SBMPTN?

SBMPTN is a joint selection carried out by all State Universities under the coordination of a Central Committee, with selection based on the results of a paper – based written test (henceforth PBT) or a computer – based test (henceforth CBT). The test materials include (1) Scholastic Potential Test (henceforth TPS – Tes Potensi Skolastik) to measure cognitive abilities such as quantitative knowledge, which consists of the knowledge and mastery of basic mathematics. (2) English Language Proficiency Test and Academic Ability Test (henceforth TKA – Tes Kemampuan Akademik), which measures cognitive abilities directly related to the content of subjects studied in school. The test emphasises Higher Order Thinking Skills (Henceforth HOTS).

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What is SMMPTN?

SMMPTN – Western Region is an independent admission selection held jointly by 15 State Universities in Western Indonesia. This selection is based on a written exam with a registration fee and an additional Institutional Development Fee (henceforth BPI – Biaya Pengembangan Institusi). SMMPTN is intended for high school graduates from the current year, one year ago, and two years ago.

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