Vice Dean for Student Affairs Opened “Kemah Bakti Sosial (KBS)” of HIMAGROTEK

Vice Dean for Student Affairs Opened “Kemah Bakti Sosial (KBS)” of HIMAGROTEK

On Thursday, May 2, 2024, Dr. Hesti Pujiwati, SP., M.Si, the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, officially opened the KBS event within the Faculty of Agriculture_University of Bengkulu. With fervent enthusiasm, the event aimed to foster social consciousness and cultivate the moral values of students in dedicating themselves to serving the community.

Under the theme “Fostering Social and Moral Values Among Students Through KBS,” the SSC was attended by 82 students from the Agroecotechnology study program to participate in the activities actively. This theme was chosen with the hope that students would develop empathy and social concern while dedicating themselves to the community’s welfare.

The opening of the SSC was also graced by the presence of key figures within the academic faculty, including Prof. Dr. Ir. Reny Herawati, MP, as the Head of the Department of Agricultural Cultivation; Ir. Eko Suprijono, MP, is the Head of the Agroecotechnology Study Program, and Dr. Ir. Rustikawati, MS, is the Advisor to the Agroecotech Student Association.

Moreover, the event was enlivened by the presence of the Student Association (Hima) and Student Organizations (Ormawa) within the Faculty of Agriculture, demonstrating solidary support from all campus entities in striving for community welfare.

In her address, Dr. Hesti Pujiwati, SP., M.Si emphasized the importance of students’ role in social and moral development. “Social Service Camp is not merely a routine activity but a platform for students to express their concern for the surrounding community,” she stated.

The KBS activities will encompass various social services such as counseling, healthcare services, and other endeavors to benefit the community directly. Through KBS, students can enrich their experiences and contribute meaningfully to social development.

The KBS event is scheduled to last for three full days, during which participants are expected to experience significant involvement in serving the community and be inspired to continue contributing to sustainable agricultural development efforts.