Faculty Scholarship

Faculty Scholarship Offer
In connection with implementing the Scholarship Program for Underprivileged Activists and Students of the Faculty of Agriculture, we now convey information on the program for submitting the program. The mechanism for collecting requirements differs from previous years, namely the system for uploading documents and sending files directly. The requirements needed are as follows:

  1. Copy / Scan KTM.
  2. Copy/Scan of grade transcripts with a minimum GPA of 2.50.
  3. Photocopy/Scan of certificate or other proof of achievement in co-curricular and/or extra-curricular fields.
  4. Photocopy/Scan of PKK Certificate.
  5. Declaration of not receiving scholarships, other tuition assistance, and funding sources from the APBN/APBD (attached).
  6. Declaration of Not Married, known by the local government officials RT/Lurah (Attached).
  7. Certificate of ability to participate in extra-curricular activities (PKM 5 Fields) at the Faculty level and at the University, Regional and National levels (Attachment).
  8. Passport Photo / Scan Photo measuring 4 x 6 cm.
  9. Students have been active as administrators for Ormawa in the Faculty of Agriculture and/or for Ormawa Management in the last four years, as evidenced by a Letter of Recommendation from Ormawa
  10. The applicant is a maximum undergraduate student in semester 8 and has never received a faculty scholarship in previous years.
  11. Completed files (a-k) are sent directly to each department or upload documents at the link https://bit.ly/BeasiswaFaperta The deadline for registration is 09 June
  12. Selected students will be asked to update the file by enclosing legalization from each authorized party. Those who do not complete and/or manipulate documents will be subject to sanctions for cancelling scholarships and blocking any scholarship applications for the following 3 semesters.

We will recapitulate the list of names of students who entered the registration system and forward them to each department for internal selection by the Department/Ormawa by the available quota.
Thus we thank you for your attention and good cooperation.