Faperta Students Succeed At The 1st IUCA 2021 International Forum

Faperta Students Succeed at The 1st IUCA 2021 International Forum.

A student scientific activity at the international level entitled The 1st International Undergraduate Conference on Agriculture & Life Science (IUCA 2021) was held on June 1-2, 2021. This prestigious activity involved several leading universities, namely Princess of Narathiwas University (PNU); Faculty of Science Technology, PSU, Yala Rajabhat University (YRU), FIAT UMK, Malaysia; Bengkulu University, Indonesia; University of Garmian, Iraq; and Omar AL-Mukhtar University, Libya. Even though this activity was held online, the students participating in the conference were very enthusiastic about conveying their ideas and ideas. On this occasion, the Faculty of Agriculture representing the University of Bengkulu sent 23 students with various achievements. Congratulations to the students and accompanying lecturers. I will continue to work and achieve. A list of student participants and award recipients can CLICK HERE.


The official announcement of the IUCA 2021 results can be accessed at: