Students from the Marine Science Study Program carried out fieldtrip activities in December 2023. This fieldtrip activity is part of the Sea Practical Course carried out by students from the class of 2020. In this activity, students visit various locations that support student learning. One of them was a visit to the Indonesia Longline Tuna Association (ATLI) on Friday, 08 December 2023, located at Jalan Ikan Tuna Raya Timur, Benoa Harbor, Bali. The arrival of students from the Bengkulu University Marine Science Study Program to ATLI was welcomed by the staffs. During the visit, students and lecturers were invited to enter the meeting room to discuss activities carried out at the Indonesia Longline Tuna Association.

Based on information obtained from the presentation of Mr. Nyoman Sudarta as Secretary General of ATLI who said that ATLI is a forum for Tuna fisheries business organizations in Benoa which was formed with the establishment of the Bali Tuna Entrepreneurs Association (APTB) in 1992 with 14 members as members and a number of vessels owned by members. as many as 14 units. Furthermore, APTB began to join the Indonesian Tuna Association (ASTUIN) which was founded on 7 November 1997. Meanwhile, ATLI was a separation from ASTUIN which was founded on 03 October 2003. The number of members currently owned by ATLI is 152 companies with the number of vessels owned by ATLI members as many as 632 units by 2023. ATLI has a goal, namely to become a liaison between longline tuna entrepreneurs and capture fisheries in Indonesia by involving the Government, as well as Organizational Bodies that have links both within the country and abroad. The tuna fishing business activities at Benoa Harbor have 3 processes, namely input, process and output produced in the tuna fishing activities. After listening to a presentation related to ATLI from Mr. Nyoman Sudarta, Bengkulu University Marine Science Students were then given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss. In this session, many Bengkulu University Marine Science students were interested in the topic of discussion so many questions came to mind and then these questions were answered directly by Mr. Nyoman Sudarta.

News contributor: Emely Chantika, Nur Lina Maratana Nabiu

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