Organizational Management Training (PMO) of the Marine Science Student Association

Organizational Management Training (PMO) of the Marine Science Student Association

On Monday, June 10, 2024, the Marine Science Student Association (HIMAILKA) held an Organizational Management Training (PMO) attended by the new Marine Science Study Program students. The event was vibrant and attended by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs and the Head of the Marine Science Study Program, Ir. Zamdial, M.Si.

The Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Hesti Pujiwati, SP., M.Si., delivered a speech and officially opened the event. In her speech, she emphasized the importance of activities like the PMO in equipping students with management and leadership skills. “Students need to develop themselves not only in academics but also in organizational skills. Training like this is crucial to prepare you to become future leaders,” said the Vice Dean.

Following this, the Head of the Marine Science Study Program, Ir. Zamdial, M.Si., also delivered an important message to the participants. “PMO is an essential initial training in organizational activities. One key to success in an organization is good communication. I hope that through this PMO, students can learn how to organize and communicate effectively,” he stated.

This training aims to equip students with basic skills in organizational management, enhance communication abilities, and strengthen the sense of togetherness and solidarity among HIMAILKA members. In addition to theoretical materials, the training included various practical activities and engaging simulations, allowing participants to apply what they had learned directly. The event is expected to be a good starting point for new students to develop their organizational skills and actively contribute to various student activities on campus. Consequently, they can prepare themselves to become capable and professional leaders.

The day-long training received high enthusiasm from the participants. They were eager to follow each session, from introducing fundamental organizational principles and effective communication techniques to team management strategies. The entire series of PMO activities concluded with a group photo session and the awarding of certificates to the participants. It is hoped that such activities will continue and improve in quality in the future, aiming to produce a generation of students who are not only academically excellent but also possess proficient organizational skills.

This Organizational Management Training demonstrates the Marine Science Study Program’s strong commitment to shaping students’ character and abilities, balancing academic knowledge and practical skills. Therefore, the graduates produced are ready to face the challenges of the workforce and capable of actively participating in various community activities and organizations. HIMAILKA extends its gratitude to all parties who contributed to the success of this event, including the speakers, committee members, and all participants. The spirit and knowledge gained from the PMO can be applied in daily activities and continuously improved in the future.